"US officials said Monday that they would give a handful of temporary exceptions to an export blacklist to Huawei Technologies Co., giving some vendors and customers of China's telecommunications giant a 90-day harsh trade penalty statement," John D McKinnon, Dan Strumpf, and Yoko Kubota report for The Wall Street Journal. "In an order planned to be published on Wednesday, the Commerce Department said it would provide a temporary license for US exports to Huawei and dozens of affiliates."

"The postponement comes hours after Alphabet Inc.'s Google device signaled plans to cut access to some of its most popular features on Huawei smartphones," McKinnon, Strumpf and Kubota. "The move late Monday grabbed these plans, according to a person familiar with the case."

"The postponement for Huawei eases the tension between the United States and China, as both countries are trying to get the trade negotiations back on track" McKinnon, Strumpf and Kubota report. "The exceptions show that the Blacklist has" always been in the forefront of trade negotiations, "said Derek Scissors, a US business institutional teacher … The temporary statement is not a big positive for Huawei, but it gives US companies some time to get their cases right , Michael Allen, CEO of Beacon Global Strategies LLC, advises clients on the problem.

MacDailyNews Take: Damocles now swear over Huawei.

Maybe it's

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