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The Wolfwalkers trailer teases the first animated film from Apple TV +

The world gets its first glimpse of the upcoming Apple TV + animated film Wolfwalkers, thanks to a trailer that was dropped today.

The film, directed by Oscar nominee Tom Moore (Song of the Sea) and Ross Stewart, follow the adventures of a young apprentice hunter named Robyn Goodfellowe. Goodfellowe travels to Ireland in the 17th century to help her father hunt for a pack of wolves – only to meet a girl who is part of a tribe rumored to be a wolf at night.

Robyn is played by Honor Kneafsey, while her father, Bill, is played by Sean Bean.

The trailer looks fascinatingly enchanting in a kind Spirited Away feel. (And if it can achieve 1/100 of what that movie achieved, Apple is a huge winner.)

Wolfwalkers: Apple TV + its first animated film

Apple has already dipped its toe in animation through its various child-focused series. It also created an ambitious short animated film for this year’s Earth Day, with a cast from the A-list. But, Wolfwalkers is the first animated film to come to Apple TV +. The film runs 100 minutes. It comes at a time when Apple TV + is focusing more on movies.

Wolfwalkers will debut on Apple TV + “soon.” Before that time, it will debut in North America at the Toronto International Film Festival, which starts September 10.

Are you excited about Wolfwalkers? What has been your favorite Apple TV + content so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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