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These Apple 5G supercuts burn the word into your brain

Apple is not exactly subtle about pushing high-speed 5G networks.  These 5G supercuts from

Apple is not exactly subtle about pushing 5G.
Photo: Apple

Apple performed the word “5G”

; so many times during Tuesday’s iPhone 12 unveiling that they could have triggered semantic saturation. (That’s when you hear something so many times that it starts to sound … very strange.)

If their repetition of the word did not burn 5G into your brain – or turn your gray matter into musk – the 5G supercuts that followed will certainly do so.

The snarky, smart compilation videos started appearing on YouTube and Twitter in the hours after Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event. If you missed the main note, you deprived yourself of another tightly packed flash of precision marketing. ->

Loaded with footage and enthusiastic shots for the iPhone 2020 series – Apple’s first smartphones with 5G – it was the technological world’s most impressive one hour infomercial.

And if it delivered a message, other than the usual “these are the best iPhones yet,” this message was this: 5G will change the world. Apple (and its partner, Verizon) blankets bombarded us with the term when they explained how much we all need high-speed mobile networks that are expanding worldwide.

Just look at one of the 5G supercuts, and you will see:

Some jokers even add a 5G supercut to music:

This is your brain on 5G supercuts

After seeing one of them, I dare say “5G” and not feel like your brain was encrypted. (And no, we are not 5G conspiracy theorists who believe the next generation of cellular networks will cause COVID-19 or some other mysterious disease.)

I’m not sure if “5G just got real,” as Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said during the streaming event. But I’m pretty sure if you listen to one of these supercuts, “5G” will start to sound pretty surreal.

Do not say that we did not warn you.

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