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Third-party magnetic ‘iPhone 12’ wireless charger debuts before the Apple event

MPOW Japan, a third-party manufacturer of accessories, debuted a magnetically connected wireless charging system for the “iPhone 12” late Monday, reinforcing rumors that Apple’s next-generation handset will support the feature.

Announced in a press release, the as yet unnamed charger is built to support a new magnetic charging specification that will see introduction with “iPhone 12.”

According to MPOW, the charger contains a “specially treated” annular magnet that is strategically placed around a central charging coil. A similar arrangement is found in the “iPhone 12”, says the company, so it is possible to attach it to compatible accessories.

The magnetic mechanism solves disadvantages with existing wireless solutions such as misadjustment of inductive coils, which can cause power transmission problems or stop charging. MPOW expects to release the charger in December.

Apple has previously tried to solve the problem of “sweet spots” with wireless charger with AirPower, an ovaloid pad with several overlapping coils and advanced power supply algorithms that allowed simultaneous, free placement of charging of two iPhones and an Apple Watch. The project was officially canceled in early 2019 due to technical obstacles, although rumors claim that the development of a successor unit is underway.

Meanwhile, third-party manufacturers such as Nomad have stepped in to provide free placement of wireless charging options for Qi-enabled handsets.

It is rumored that Apple will launch a magnetic wireless charging puck together with “iPhone 12” at tomorrow’s special event. Recent leaks suggest that the accessory will revive the MagSafe name, although it is still unclear how the charging mechanism is related to the device’s safety. The original MagSafe was a much-loved wired Macbook charging system that allowed a connected cable to come loose with a tugboat, with the idea that passers-by could pull over the cable and pull the computer with it.

Whether the expected charging puck and rumored AirPower device are one and the same is not clear.

AppleInsider will cover Tuesday’s “Hi, Speed” event live from noon. 10, Pacific, at. 13 east.

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