Molly McHugh writes for The Ringer:

Saturation of iOS and Mac products means more and more own their own Apple devices, meaning more and more people need help using them. Each iOS and MacOS release reveals a new package of tools and capabilities, as well as new challenges and complications (and sometimes flaws). At the same time, Apple's Genius Bar has become a purgatory, no iDevice owner wants to get stuck in.

What in a nutshell is one of the biggest challenges Apple retail today and one that has been going on for years. It is also not surprising. Especially since the introduction of the iPhone, the number of Apple devices in consumer hands has grown exponentially, while the number of Apple Stores and Geniuses working in them does not.

Finally, McHugh took a third-party workshop to solve a software issue with voice memos and had a good experience. The story, however, shows an increasingly common refrain that highlights a problem Apple needs to address.