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This Apple Fan owns a collection of every iPod generation released

FUNCTION: 02.14.19- Apple fans love almost everything like Cupertino, California-based technology company goes out to the masses and a particular guy who has assembled a complete personal collection of every generation of iPod's a good example of that belonging.

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  • People Profiles is a special series that regularly runs here in the "Mac Potpourri" column, which is human rights stories containing individuals and their contribution to the community of Apple product users, whether they use it to help others or how it has helped them in their own lives or if only related to it in general
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A confidence taken by Johnny Nolan with a small portion of his entire iPod collection visible on a screen rack behind him. (Photo: Johnny Nolan)

On this Valentine's Day there is a love story of kind between man and machine, and the former is Johnny Nolan and the latter is the iPod. Nolan, who is in the early 40s, lives in the New York City area and is a professional video editor, owns a complete – as complete as it gets – personal collection of the breakthrough Apple-branded MP3 music player declared dead for many years ago, but is a unit that lives in people's hearts: just like his.

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The iPod collection totals about 50 in total, and in its possession at least one of every generation Apple has ever been released for each model – the 27 of them are held on a display rack in his home – and while most was purchased, there were a number of MP3's music players were donated, some of friends and family knowing that Nolan is gathering the Apple devices.

"I've been using iPods since the first introduction in 2001 and have collected them over the years. I've collected all generations. I don't consider the collection complete as I can go further into the storage sizes / color of each generation. pause for now and want to move into color at some point. "

He has the first to seventh generation of iPod classic, the first and second generation of iPod mini, the first to fourth generation of iPod shuffle, the first to seventh iPod nano generation, and the first to seventh generation of iPod touch.

"My favorite iPod is the first 5GB model released. It is probably historically important. I like the size and weight of it. It also has the best wheel! My least favorite iPod is the third generation shuffle. A face or a wheel, a bit devoid of personality, I am not particularly fond of the iPod touch line, I do not feel that they are aimed at the original spirit of listening to music, offering a much different online access and app experience "They are hobbled iPhones!"

Nolan says every iPod works and most are cozy. He also has most of the original packaging for each unit. Plus? They are all loaded with albums and singles that together make up about 5,000 songs throughout the collection.

"I bought them in good or new condition and coddle them pretty much. I will obviously need to maintain them as batteries and drives go bad. I try to use most of the iPods within a month."

So why did Nolan decide to collect iPod and especially every generation that has ever been released by Apple?

"Well, it's more affordable and convenient than collecting Italian sports cars! IPod is just great, small machines that have greatly impacted our culture. Each has its own charm. Looking back at the birth of handheld digital devices , iPod was the first device that was barely adopted. You can feel the design. I appreciate the volume of thought and the ingenuity that was given to each generation. "

A closer look at Johnny Nolan's iPod collection with one of each generation on screen from all models ever released by Apple. (Photo: Johnny Nolan)

It was love at first sight. Nolan still fondly remembers reading about the very first iPod day it was unveiled in 2001 and was so excited about the new device. When he saw the original commercial on TV – not to be confused with the now iconic advertising campaign from 2004 to 2008, which is his favorite, with TV commercials and print stills with a black colored background silhouette – for Apple-branded MP3 music player , he went, in his own words, "bonkers" to the iPod and bought one right away. Surprising? Nolan says he was not at his local Apple Store to purchase the device, nor did he do any Apple product release, and attributed the interesting fact that he is a very patient person.

About where he believes the iPod classifies in the timeline of the greatest innovations and products released by Apple, especially as one of the creations of its late co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, Nolan had to say this.

"I think the innovation in the iPod is unique to Steve Jobs and his relationship with Jonathan Ive. Job had a lot of inspiration from the Sony Walkman and elevated it to another level. He was able to control his team and make a great product Much of "Think Different" was Mr. Jobs, however, many people should probably also be thanked for iPod! The company has a long and storied past the leadership of geniuses. The products are designed and built with a quality and natural style that is great and no one does devices like Apple do. I put it in this order: Apple I, Apple II, Macintosh, iMac, iPod, etc. I hope Apple releases a new click wheel iPod when the nostalgia's demand comes down! "

So is Its his personal feelings that the iPod has been declared dead many years ago, and in the back, is the rise of Apple from the brink of death, thanks in part to the iPod and the so-called halo effect.

"Well, they will never be dead to me! I would not consider them dead as people still use them, and there are quite a few for sale on ebay and local sites like Craigslist and OfferUp. I think the iPod was a big one Power to help Apple bounce back in the 21st century, it was a combination of different things, iTunes played a major role, IMac G3 and laptop sales were strong, and Final Cut Pro was released professionally. And affordable Apple branded DVD-Rs have also helped. It was a great time to be an Apple fan! "

Nolan has been talking about being an Apple fan – and" a great Apple fan "on it – Nolan has been using the company's products in his professional career and in his home since 1997. Although his first experience of using an Apple computer was with the Apple IIe in college back in the 1980s. And as if his extensive collection of iPod wasn't enough to show his love for Apple? He also collects some of his other products!

"I also collect iPhones and Apple computers. I'm part of the iMac G3s and clamshell iBooks. I also have machines that range from the original Mac and Apple II lines to modern Mac Pros. I've also got a lot of computers Through the work. Employers give me old work horses. "

Regarding the current state of Apple and its future, Nolan leaves us with these dismissive thoughts on the subject and, in particular, a lasting desire for the Cupertino, California-based technology company to provide. .

"I just hope Apple continues to make computers. I hope they continue to produce innovative and well-designed machines. I hope they satisfy the pro market by next year. The IMac Pro is a beautiful solution. However, professional needs a modular machine built With more choice and industrial strength, they also need to bring bright colors back into all their products. And a new iPod would be pretty cool too! "

Note from the author: This is the second edition of the People Profiles series here in" Mac Potpourri "column. The topic of this story agreed to be interviewed and share their personal story for the series. (Full disclosure – this author found out about the individual and their collection after reading a post on the group "Low End iPod, iPhone and iPad", which this author is also a member of. The group is connected to Low End Mac – just one of many Facebook groups related to that website – and is a site for which this author also writes.).

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