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This clipboard leads everywhere

  Copy My Mac360 writing career started more than a dozen years ago. Since then, I've tried every type of Mac clipboard that I could find, and kept a couple of the more functional tools on our Macs at home and in the office.

Basically, a clipboard application is a Mac tool that remembers everything you cut or copy so you can find it and paste it again later. The Mac's clipboard does of course, but only one item at a time, and it never remembers anything. Here's one that does more than you expect for less than you expect and does it on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Capture. Get. Share.

My favorite clipboard manager is called Copy. For Mac users, copies are copied whatever you cut and copy text, links, images ̵

1; and store them in a user-configurable library that makes it easy to find and re-use without having to find the original and copy it again.

The Mac clipboard management apps are great timesavers, but Copied has some extra tricks to improve usability and to share copied items with others and between devices. For example, use the pop-up library of copied items to drag and drop items into other apps or documents.

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Copied can remember up to 500 of the most recently copied images.

Click on the menu bar icon and get a drop-down list of newly cut or copied items.

 Copied to Mac

Copied can remember up to 500 of the most recently copied images, text or links. It changes and lets you make text editing changes before copying it back to the clipboard to be inserted into a document. Copied lets you create lists of frequently copied items, and lists can be dragged and deleted and organized the way you see it.

As simple as Copy, there are also some useful settings in Preferences. For example, you can adjust copied history to stored items, display the icon in the menu bar, or use the keyboard shortcuts, and even adjust the pop-up width.

 Copy to Mac

As easy and simple as it is to install and get started with copied, there are also power user features. This includes rule settings that can blacklist or whitelist specific copied items (passwords are a good example, while other items can be added to a specific list automatically). Right-click any item in the list and share it with others using the standard macOS Sierra Share box.

Of course, there are several power user features, but let me focus on the one that makes a big difference if you & # 39; is invested in the Apple ecosystem with multiple Macs, iPhones, or iPads. Copied has an iOS version and uses iCloud to synchronize copied items from one device to all devices.

This means that if you copy a folder or phrase or link on a Mac, it will be stored in the copied library on the iPhone, iPad, or other Mac.

 Copy to iPhone

This is one of the useful Mac, iPhone and iPad tools that just works out of the box, and surprises with other useful features It's not complicated or too esoteric to understand. It is a good example of during promise and over-delivery. I was able to remove two of my clipboard map papers and replace the same features with the copied.

Due to a problem with macOS, you might want to use the free Paste Helper app that lets you paste the clipboard content directly into a document or app. Another nit has to do with the price tag. It's nominal and worth it, yes, but there's no trial before you buy. Every Mac app that is priced over a few dollars needs a trial, though it gets hundreds of four and five star reviews.

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