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This week's story: Ostracizing Huawei

Trade tensions in the US and China have risen steadily after the Chinese trade delegation resigned at a central point of IP protection for US firms. A month ago, the Washington Examiner wrote: "The US Trade Representative's office announced Thursday that China had to do more to prevent intangible theft, saying that the country has not implemented any reforms and is still a" dangerous and uncertain environment "to operate in. A USTR official indicated that the Trump administration could pursue further charges against China whose reforms did not happen. "The reforms did not happen, and President Trump introduced new tariffs on Friday. More importantly, President Trump's war against China's telecommunications company Huawei went into high gear.

While the US government began its war against Huawei in February by warning European Allies not to use Huawei's 5G technology, it was this week where the US really started screwing Huawei's screws. The headlines came quickly and furiously like tightening a nose around Huawei's neck.

It was reported this week that a US startup accuses Huawei of being involved in business secret theft. The Korea Times reported today that "The United States and China hardened their stands over Huawei on Thursday when Washington brushed away claims for" bullying "and accused the Chinese technological giant of explaining its ties to the Beijing government."

The Korea Times report further wrote: "US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed in an interview that Huawei is not truthful about relations with China's government, and that this means that data affected by the company is" at risk "to fall into error hands.

To say they do not work with the Chinese government, there is a false statement, Pompeo said about Huawei. "

Yesterday, Apple wrote a report entitled" The US Stance on Huawei escalates as they sat 67 Huawei affiliates on a blacklist that banned access to US vendors, "setting the stage for this week's incredible revelations.

The first big news to hit the lead this week was that Google and major US chip makers suspended critical software and hardware components for Huawei because of a US government blacklist.

Reuters reported that "The suspension could hobble Huawei's smartphone business outside of China, as the technology giant will immediately lose access to updates to Google's Android operating system. Future versions of Huawei smartphones running on Android will also lose access to popular services, including Google. Apps store and Gmail and YouTube apps. "

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The other big news was a bombshell. ARMO suspended all business with Huawei. Huawei relies on ARM for chip design, especially the Kirin processor.

The week ended with a block Huawei's negative reports Here are just a few that are newsworthy:

01: "UK mobile operators are suspending Huawei 5G phone launches. "The Korea Times report noted that" Britain's EE and Vodafone and Japan's KDDI and Y! Mobile says they pause the launch of Huawei smartphones, including some that can be used on next-generation mobile networks, among devices of the world's 2nd smartphone maker. "

02:" Huawei's European Customers "The New York Times started its report by noting that" Europe has been one of Huawei's greatest success stories. "We reported this week at Huawei experienced 70% growth in Europe in Q1 2019.

[19659002] 03:" Companies in the UK, Japan, Taiwan Join the Anti-Huawei campaign. ": Business Korea reported that "Japan's three largest mobile phone companies announced that they would postpone indefinitely the release of Huawei's new smartphones or suspend pre-orders. KDDI and SoftBank, the second largest mobile operator in Japan, have indefinitely delayed the launch of Huawei's new smartphone, P30 Lite, May 24. "

04:" Huawei is banned from using SD cards in future devices. "Engadget reported today that" Things will only get worse for Huawei. The company was barred from being a member of the SD Association, the trading group responsible for standardizing SD and microSD cards. The change in status means that Huawei will no longer be able to offer official SD or microSD support on its devices, including phones and laptops. "More on this you can also find at 9to5Google.

05:" Huawei shipments can fall by up to one quarter this year. "Reuters reported that" China's Huawei, hit by criminal US sanctions, could see the shipments cut by as much as a quarter this year and face the possibility that smartphones will disappear from international markets. "

 3 x Megvii

Huawei may not be the only Chinese company that will eventually be hit by the US government, according to a new Bloomberg report released today, Trumps has latest China target including a rising star in AI. "A face recognition company called Megvii, supported by Giant Alibaba. Megvii is not known outside of China, but it is a rapidly rising juggernaut at home.

Megvii has said the technology is distributed in over 260 urban projects, helping police arrest more than 10,000 people. The Trump administration has suggested that they may be five other Chinese companies, including Megvii, which may be banned for sale in the United States

The stock market is concerned with the US and China trade war with Dow Industrials falling for the fifth straight week.

Although Apple's iPhone success has been declining in China over the past few quarters, it's been more about finances, and Apple's premium iPhones are being priced a little out of reach for China's middle class than politics. While time is running and Huawei is being watched by the American Black List, the tide could turn Apple on, as a major US technology target.

A report from the South China Morning Post (SCMP) attempted to rattle the cage this week with a report titled "Apple's China woes may worsen as Huawei's banana-door-hard iPhone fans to switch pages." Obviously Apple covered something of anger with deadly communists against Apple's iPhone back in late December.

The good news is that responsible Chinese business leaders are stepping up and trying to calm the high patriotic rhetoric.

According to Bryan Ma, vice president of client unit research at IDC Asia Pacific, who expects Apple to feel something of the brown even though he warned against exaggeration.

"Apple is a luxury brand, and finally it all depends on the users," Ma said. "There will be someone who is nationalist and says no to American products, but there are many other users that don't matter that much."

Even Huawei will play down the unbalanced patriotic rhetoric that is rising in China Knowing that business conditions can change over time, and that's no good for potential US and European customers for the company anymore.

The SCMP report also noted that "Even Huawei's CEO Ren Zhengfei attempted to cool the nationalist fervor of state television on Tuesday, saying that one should not associate patriotism with buying Huawei phones.

Zhengfei said in particular that "iPhone has a good ecosystem and when my family is abroad, I still buy them iPhones, so one cannot limit that love of Huawei should mean dear Huawei phones." Whether Zhengfei's TV talk was a real cry for peace or PR It is unknown at this time.

Finally, the week's story was undoubtedly the hammer that falls on Huawei with a giant spout, but in the big picture it is still too early to know how this will affect the company. President Trump just said yesterday that "It is possible that Huawei will be included in a trade agreement. If we have made an agreement, I can imagine that Huawei is included in some form of trade. "

The United States has a good chip to play with Huawei in their conversations with China and by adding other high-tech companies every week or month to their blacklist will only come up with ante. On paper, everything looks good but how it Really coming out in the coming weeks is another matter. Stay updated, more news about this will probably happen over the next week.

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