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TikTok raises more than $ 130.5 million in user spending in September

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TikTok has had something of an unpredictable year so far.
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TikTok raised more than $ 130.5 million in worldwide spending in September, making it the highest-grossing app without games in the App Store ̵

1; despite the various existential threats it faces.

In a new report from the app analysis company Sensor Tower, the company notes that the user expenses of TikTok in September were 7.9 times greater than this time last year. That sum of $ 130 million covers both iOS and Google Play revenue.

The top income apps TikTok

The vast majority – 89 percent – of the money comes from China, where TikTok is based. By comparison, the United States accounts for only 6 percent of user spending, while 1 percent comes from Turkey.

YouTube was in second place, grossing $ 85.5 million in gross revenue across iOS and Google Play. This was an impressive growth of 56 percent from the previous year from September 2019. In this case, 55 percent of sales come from the United States. Tinder and Disney + also received significant revenue.

TikTok’s year so far through September

TikTok has had what, as an understatement, can be called a mixed year. In the first quarter of 2020, it recorded what were the best three months of any app ever when it comes to downloads.

However, it has also been targeted as a possible concern by the Trump administration. In a recent development, a judge in Washington recently blocked Trump’s attempt to ban the app in the United States. TikTok now has execution stays until at least November. Along the way, TikTok’s CEO Kevin Mayer resigned in August after only three months in the position. He blamed the “political environment” for its decision to go down.

Source: Sensor tower

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