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TimeSync Pro with lifetime subscription is 90% off

We at iLounge have a special agreement with TimeSync Pro: Lifetime Subscription, which allows you to schedule meetings online in an instant!

TimeSync Pro

Setting up a virtual meeting does not have to take hours. With TimeSync Pro, you and your external team will be able to organize, follow and keep track of conversations, meetings and communications easily. It is a meeting planner, CRM and organizer of events in a neat software.

The calendar syncs automatically with Outlook and Google, and is a direct integration with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. Events can be made depending on your needs, such as job interviews, company meetings, sales orders and more.

Forget having two or three software for planning online events ̵

1; Novocall’s TimeSync is all you need. It’s normally priced at $ 420 for a Lifetime subscription and $ 84 for a 1-year subscription, while we at iLounge give it away for just $ 39.99 (lifetime) and $ 29.99 (1 year). You get up to a fantastic 90% discount with our agreement.

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