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Tips and tricks: Open a Safari link on a new page with a gesture

Did you know that you could press two fingers on a link in Safari to launch it in a new browser window? If you didn't, you're not alone. I may have heard of this gesture at some point, but like many many small Apple details, it was long gone from my brain before I was reminded of it and its usefulness today.

There is really no need for detailed instructions for this tip. If you have a link that you want to follow in Safari, say for a Google search, just press two fingers at the same time to launch it in a new browser window. Opening each link in a new tab is my query for internet research so I can easily follow and return to the original search page.

The only downside to this handy gesture is that some links, especially on an iPhone, will be difficult to press with two fingers, especially if you have larger fingers like me. It can also be easy to get your fingertips a little bit when you press, which just takes you straight to the appropriate link. As long as your fingers hit the link at the same time, you should be good.

Why am I recording this tip now, as it has apparently been since iOS 1

1? Because the option to open in the background or a new tab that has been around for a few years with 3D Touch, and was still available in the first three Developer Betas of iOS 13, has now disappeared. It was there a couple of weeks ago, and then poof, it got lost in Dev Beta 4.

This was a feature I used daily, so I wasn't happy that it was suddenly removed . I still hope that this was just an oversight and that the feature will reappear in the context menu when you long press a link in Safari in the next beta.

If you agree and use Dev or Public Betas, I highly recommend going to the Feedback app and filing a report on it. In the meantime, two-fingered two is the best option for opening links in a new tab.

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