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To live with the new iPad props, take care of it

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If you have not already heard, the new iPad pros may be a little too thin for their own good. If you did not see the YouTube video that started the latest Apple controversy, take a look:

Ok, so it's iPhone 6 Plus again, right? It seemed that Apple once again made a device that is prone to bending and even breaking. This will be fun to hear about during the next month.

Many people are going to freak out about this and blow it out of proportion, but I have to agree with Chris Welch of The Verge and his more measured take on this situation. When you have a thin and light device with as much surface as the iPad, it will be prone to problems. IPad Pro is not alone in this regard either. As Mr. Welch says, if you want to destroy a blackboard, you probably will be able to do it.

That said, I can not help being afraid of the little effort it took for this reviewer to bend this pro literally. It should not happen so easily. I'm usually very skeptical of some new "street" controversies, but I think Apple may have the legal pressure thin and light too far this time. I have often been critical of their obsession with the course to thinner and easier and I can not help but feel this is another instance of Apple that sets this priority over ease of use.

Based on all this, you may have some questions.

What do we do ??????

If you already have an iPad Pro, be careful and take a case. The case market for the new pros is still revolving at this point, but Otterbox has already released a more protective case. Targus also has a setup available. Hopefully, UAG and others know that making things that provide some extra protection will get new Pro equipment available soon. I know I'll be looking for something a bit more protective for 1

1 "Pro, since I plan to use it in the field at work. I'm already planning to get one, but seeing this video has made it more of a priority." 19659002] If you plan to use Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio, you definitely need to be careful. Although it definitely adds some stiffness, it will not protect a Pro in more extreme situations. I still use my on 12.9 "Pro, and I will definitely be more careful about it after all this.

Should I avoid iPad Pro?

This is actually quite simple. Have you owned an iPad before? Have you hurt it? If the answers are yes and no for anything beyond cracking the screen, then you're ok. If you have been careful enough with previous iPads and do not mind using a case, the new Pros will still work well for you.

Can I carry the new iPad Pro naked?

] Honestly, I would not recommend it. I still would not, but you would definitely take a risk with this particular version. This is especially true if you want to take it anywhere.

Should I have AppleCare?

Considering what the repair costs for these new iPads are running, you may want to. If you only use a Pro around the house, this may not be a big concern. If you're going to use it in places where it can get damaged, it's probably worth it.

Everyone who has purchased an iPad Pro is still within 60 days of qualification so you have time to add if you did not buy. AppleCare + is $ 129 up, or $ 5.99 per month for 24 months. For me, I have not added AC + on purchase, but I will probably add it now. I'm still discussing holding one or both iPads, so I'd like to decide first, but I think the AC + is a smart investment.

If you do not get AC + and end up bending and damaging iPad Pro, I would definitely recommend taking it to an Apple Store and, in the event of a warranty, make a mistake due to a mistake. When problems like this occur, Apple Geniuses get a little latitude to take care of unhappy customers. I would definitely give this a shot if you find yourself holding a bent iPad Pro without AC + to back up you.

If you can not ignore the potential of the new iPads to bend, remember that Apple still offers the last 10.5 "model at a reduced price, so that might be a good option for you. It will also be good offer of used and refurbed 10.5 "and 12.9" former Gen Pros. The older models are still fast and have plenty of power so they can be better suited if the flexibility of the new pros is a no-go for you.

As I said in the title, just take care of it.

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