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To remove watchOS 5 Beta to install official edition

Although I've liked watchOS 5 beta testing, I'm going to switch to the stable version now to have improved performance. I guess I'm not alone to think that way. Many of you who had tested the operating system before release would be willing to delete watchOS 5 beta and install the official release as well.

So how do you update from watchOS beta to the official version? Well, you must delete beta profiles from both iPhone and Apple Watch. This is done to ensure there is no problem during the installation. And when the cleanup is over, it's business as usual. You have it, right?

How to update from watchOS 5 Beta to official version

As mentioned above, we will remove beta profiles from the devices.

Remove watchOS 5 Beta Profile from Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step # 1

. Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step # 2. Now touch the My Watch tab at the bottom left corner.

Step # 3. Then click on General Profiles.

Step # 4. Then press the watchOS beta profile.

Step # 5. Next, press Delete profile.

When prompted to enter your iPhone password; Do it to confirm the deletion.

Delete iOS 12 Beta Profile From iPhone:

Step # 1. Start Settings app on your iPhone.

Step # 2. Now click on General Profiles.

Step # 3. Then click the iOS beta profile.

Step # 4. Touch Delete Profile.

You may be prompted to enter your iPhone password to confirm.

Once you've deleted both watchOS and iOS beta profiles, you'll need to restart your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Once they have restarted, go over See app on your iPhone → My Watch General Software Update.

 Click Software Update in Watch App on iPhone

Then, downloads and installs the official watchOS 5 released as usual.

] Download and install Official watchOS 5 Version

Page Notice: During the test, I was given the opportunity to update to publish watchOS 5 without having to delete the beta profile . However, I suggested eliminating the profiles as recommended by Apple. I think it's done to make sure you do not encounter any issues while upgrading to the latest watchOS.

That's all there!

Wrapping up:

Apple allows you to switch from iOS 12 beta to the official version without having to delete the beta profile. So, you can easily put your hands on the latest operating system. In terms of watchOS 5, I think it's designed to run smoothly and much faster on the smartwatch. Among the more new additions, are the things that have really impressed me, Walkie-Talkie and 7-day competition.

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