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To see the entire URL in Safari on macOS

Safari is very different from both Chrome and Firefox in terms of user interface. It probably doesn't have features like these other browsers, but over the years it hasn't switched to a minimal user interface that Firefox has. You will find that the browser still has its own unique look in terms of user interface. An important difference is that Safari by default does not display the entire URL. It just shows the domain. To see the full URL in Safari, you can do so by changing a setting.

See full URL in Safari

Open Safari and go to Safari> Settings from the menu bar. In the Settings window, go to the Advanced tab. You'll see an option at the top called Smart Search Field & # 39; Enable the "View the full site URL" option and you'll get full URLs in Safari for all sites.

In many cases, the domain of a website is really all you need to know about a link when you have it open, if you have many pages from the same web site, the whole URL can be more useful.

The Safari web address bar, with design, is not meant to show you the complete URL. When you change this setting in Safari, the URL address bar does not change. This means that if the URL is too long to fit, it will still be interrupted.

If you are wondering how many characters the URL line can display, there are 60. This includes "www" at the start of the domain, but it does not include HTTPS or HTTP at the start. Other browsers skip the "www" section but show HTTP / HTTP in the web address bar, but since they are not limited by the length of the web address bar, it doesn't matter.

Safari does not allow users to adapt to the user interface. It used to be a way, on older versions of the browser / macOS, where the address bar could be enlarged / enlarged by clicking and dragging. That option was removed in the Sierra which was released a few years ago. The option never returned, so in Mojave you have to work with the web address line you have. It is also very unlikely that there is an extension out there that can change this. Even if you click inside the URL line, it won't reveal everything, but it automatically selects the complete URL, and if you use the Command + C shortcut, you can copy everything.

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