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To switch any YouTube channel to a video podcast

Have you ever wanted you to take your favorite YouTube channel and subscribe to it as a video podcast? Instead of having to visit the YouTube site again and again to see what's new, you can just subscribe. Each time a new video became available, it would automatically download and appear in your favorite Podcast app, ready to watch offline. Even better, you can see it in the original iOS VCR, fullscreen, or Image-in-picture without all the YouTube rubbish surrounding it.

If this sounds like a dream comes true, you're in for a real treat today, because it's super duper easily with a service called PodSync.

YouTube podcasts

YouTube used to deliver RSS feeds to their video channels, but they went away a while ago. It is still possible to subscribe to a channel in your regular RSS news reader, but these URLs do not work in the popular podcasts I tested them.

To complicate more, not all podcasts support video podcasts. Precipitation does, as does Apple's own Podcasts app, which is what we are using today.

How to switch a YouTube channel to a PodSync video podcast

Step 1 is to visit your favorite channel in a browser. At iOS it is probably Safari. Then, copy the URL by long pressing the URL line and selecting Copy from the popup bubble.

  Paste any YouTube channel or playlist URL to PodSync.
Paste any YouTube channel or playlist URL to PodSync.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Then go to PodSync. PodSync is a service that takes YouTube and Vimeo channels and playlists, and makes them podcasts.

Next, paste the URL you copied to the box in the center of the screen. Click or click the arrow to load it. Immediately, your URL will be replaced with a PodSync URL, like this:

  Copy this.
Copy this.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Copy it and then open your podcast app. Make sure it supports video. In the Apple Podcasts app, go to the Library tab. Touch Edit and then tap Add a podcast to URL . You will get a box to paste into the URL you copied in the last step. Does.

  Paste the PodSync URL into this box.
Paste the PodSync URL into this box.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Now hit Subscribe and you're done. When the feed is updated, it looks like this:

Why care?

  Now I can see all Henny's new videos when they come.
Now I can see all Henny's new videos when they arrive. 19659010] Photo: Cult of Mac

You may wonder why you want to bother with such things. To me, it's because I do not like the YouTube site, or the YouTube app. Also having to visit the site just to see if there is something new feels ridiculous.

This way my podcast app checks for me and gives me a notification when it's a new episode. New episodes are downloaded in the background when I'm on Wi-Fi so I always have something to see if I'm ever offline.

And the videos are played in the original iOS video recorder (although you can use this trick on Mac, with Downcast or iTunes). That means I can see it on full screen without any solutions. The Podcasts app even remembers my space if I stop watching so I can continue later.

Finally, I really like how the PodSync app presents my streams, with all the original links and notes. ]

If you want, you can pay PodSync a subscription to get additional features, but the basics we used today cost nothing. Check it out.

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