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To turn off the on-screen display on the Apple Watch Series 6 and 5

The always-on screen of the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 is considered quite useful, as you do not have to lift your wrist to see the time. All you can do is take a look at the clock screen. While the function can be helpful when exercising at the gym or in a meeting, on the contrary, it can drain the battery of your watch before the screen is always active. So if you are not happy with this feature, you can turn off the Always-On screen on your Apple Watch.

To turn off the on-screen display on your Apple Watch

  1. Open Settings on Smartwatch.
  2. Swipe down to find Screen and brightness and press it.open settings and tap screen and brightness on your Apple Watch
  3. Press Always on, and to deactivate it, the switch can be turned off.always turn off the Apple Watch

And to activate the display settings that are always on, follow the same steps and turn on the switch.

To hide all the details that come up on your watch screen after you set it Always on screen on your laptop, press Hide sensitive complications to hide all the little details like calendar events, messages and heart rate etc. And in case your smartwatch has stopped receiving alerts. Here is our recipe to help you get through it.

disable hide sensitive complications on Apple Watch

To turn off Apple Watch Always-On Display in the Watch app

  1. To open See app on iPhone.
  2. Go to My watch category.
  3. Press Screen and brightness, and then press Always on.tap screen and brightness in my clock tab, then tap always in the clock app on iPhone
  4. Now turn on or off to enable or disable the always on screen.turn off the switch to disable always on the screen in the watch app on iPhone

Keeping the smartwatch screen on for a long time will be beneficial if you have always turned off the on-screen and still want to keep the watch awake for some time. You can use this setting as it would keep the clock active for 70 seconds.

How to hold the Apple Watch screen longer

  1. Go to Settings on the Apple Watch.
  2. Press General.open settings and tap on Apple Watch in general
  3. Open Wake Screen and scroll down and press Wake up for 70 seconds.tap the wake screen and select wake for 70 seconds on the Apple Watch

Logging off!!

If you are confused with the question of ” Make oneDo Apple Watches always work on the screen?”

The answer is No; In the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6, there is a built-in feature that displays time and other details on the screen of the watch, even when the wrist is down. Only if you want to ignore the use of this standard function, the steps above can be followed.

Now that you’ve already figured out how to enable or disable display on your Apple Watch. This is the right time to set up memoji on your laptop to make things interesting while you can customize them according to your mood, make it your dial, or even send them in messages to your loved ones!

Share your valuable reviews in the comments section below! We keep you engrossed in such interesting insights !! Until then, keep reading and exploring!

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