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Today in Apple’s history: Macintosh Color Classic II is delivered

October 10: Today in Apple's History: The elusive Macintosh Color Classic II shipsOctober 10, 1993: Apple launches its Macintosh Color Classic II, the latest of the 9-inch compact Macs.

Also known as the Performa 275, the Color Classic II will eventually become something of a collector’s item, since Apple only released it in Canada, Asia and Europe.

A necessary update to the original Macintosh Color Classic

Its predecessor, the original Macintosh Color Classic, debuted in February 1993. The first Mac to come with a built-in color screen. The gorgeous machine allowed Apple IIe emulation with a PDS card. ->

“In many ways, the Color Classic is the compact Mac everyone has been waiting for, well, since 1984,” Mac user wrote the magazine in April 1993.

In an unintentionally “classic” way, however, it raked back to the original 1984 Macintosh in a different way. It was a beautiful computer, but terribly understated.

Instead of treating Color Classic like a beautiful retro throwback experiment (which, let’s face it, is no more niche than many other ideas Apple was trying at the time), Apple instead forced the computer to occupy a place as an entry-level computer. .

This meant giving it a maximum RAM of 10 MB, which proved to be insufficient for most users even in 1993. It also suffered from a slow, 16-bit data bus and a small screen resolution of 512 pixels by 384 pixels . As a result, many games on the machine failed.

Mac Color Classic II: Troubleshooting

Macintosh Color Classic II solved many of these problems while retaining the original form factor. This way you can consider what is equivalent to a modern iPhone “s” version. The design had the same outer shell, but internal upgrades addressed issues that the previous generation faced.

Color Classic II doubled the CPU speed and RAM capacity of the original, but kept the screen resolution. Still, there was no doubt that if the Color Classic was the compact Mac the fans wanted since 1984, the Color Classic II was the Mac the Color Classic fans wanted all along.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Apple never sold the Color Classic II in the United States. It is still difficult to find even today.

Did you have a Color Classic Mac? What was your favorite Macintosh model from the 1990s? Leave the comments below.

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