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tomboy-ng is a notebook app for Windows, macOS and Linux gHacks Tech News

If you want to quickly take notes, you should not use notepad or Wordpad in most cases. It is better to use a note application, and there are many of them to choose from.

Tip : Check out other note-taking applications like Joplin or Laverna.

tomboy-ng is an open source app available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It's the next generation version of the original application that uses the Tomboy Note, which was created by the same developer.

 tomboy-ng is a note app for Windows, macOS and Linux

We will be taking a look at the Windows version. A few features like network sync, auto still image are not implemented yet and are set to come later.

You can access the tomboy-ng interface from the taskbar icon to get started. The first thing you need to do is choose where your notes are stored. You can select the default location or specify a custom path. Use the movie menu to create a new note; This opens the note editor which has a simple interface. The toolbar has some useful options like using the search to find text in your notes.

Remember how the Zim Wiki can be used to link to different pages? tomboy-ng has a similar option for connecting notes to each other. The unique feature of the ng feature is that it automatically adds a link to a note when you type the name in another note. tomboy-ng supports basic text formatting options such as Bold, Italic, Strikeout, Highlight, Fixed Width, Underline, Font Size, and Bullet Lists.

The settings allow you to change the default font size and display internal / external links. The Backup option creates a backup of your notes, but only when you delete a note or before the sync overwrites something. For a better backup, use the built-in Snapshot utility. The task scheduler is not available yet, so your only choice right now is the manual snapshot. Select a folder and it will store your notes in a ZIP archive in the local system.

The spell check option available in tomboy requires a female spell dictionary that you must download and point the location from the settings. It's not very comfortable, but it works well and is a one-off process. To manage laptops (add / delete), click the notepad icon on the toolbar. You can print the notes directly from the application's interface. The option is a bit hidden, it is accessible from the Tools menu (gear icon) in the note's user interface.

tomboy-ng does not have a portable version. The program can synchronize your files using a shared drive and is limited to file synchronization. Just select a folder for the repo and it will sync. The network sync option is not yet available, but you can place the file in your cloud folder (such as Dropbox, Google Drive) for a network-based backup.

You can export your notes in TXT, RTF, and MD (Markdown) formats. So in a way, it's more than your average note-taking app. You can view and edit multiple notes at once, they are automatically saved. Since the application allows you to add bulleted lists and cross out things (with a breakthrough), you can use tomboy-ng as a task manager. A reminder feature will make it a real to-do list program, but that's not what it was designed for.

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