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Top 5 Apple Watch Security Features: Double-click on privacy

As a product from Apple, you can expect that the company's smartwatches should be as unique and technologically superior as most other products in the same category in the market.

Apple Watch has several features that mark the tool as a device that is as good as the iPhone in many areas. Smartwatch draws its inspiration from iPhone, and you can perform many tasks right from your wrist.

Designed to be a superior extension of the iPhone, Watch offers you all the necessary options not only to create an additional layer of defense for your data, but also to get quick help in an emergency. Apple Watch Security Features: It's As Safe As Your iPhone

Finding a Stolen Apple Clock

When Apple Watch is available, you'll see the latest Apple Watch security features designed to enhance your privacy and user experience!

was first introduced in 201
4, it lacked the built-in GPS. And therefore, the smartwatch was unable to exploit Apple's advanced device tracking feature "Find My iPhone."

 How To Find Lost Apple Watch Using Find My iPhone

The time was heavily dependent on iPhone and used its Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection to be detected in case of misplacement. The technology giant contained the built-in GPS in Apple Watch Series 2. However, the device still needed to use the reliable Wi-Fi device for its paired iPhone to recover.

With the introduction of Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support, the smartwatch can finally take the biggest advantage with Find My iPhone. So, if you have this portable device, you can find it using this feature. For more information about Find My Apple Watch, go to this complete guide.

Password Security

Depending on how you plan to use Apple Watch, feel safe by creating a password to keep your watch

 Set up and use a password on Apple Watch ]

If you live in a common room and you are used to leaving the device, this can be a very effective way to protect Apple Watch.

In other words, password adds the first line of defense for your personal data and prevents anyone from encountering it without your permission.

Clear automatic data

Consider a situation when Apple Watch falls into the wrong hands. And that person desperately tries to unlock your smartwatch by entering some common passwords. Would you not be concerned about your sensitive data? Yes, you would be.

Like iOS, watchOS offers you the ability to automatically delete data to your smartwatch after 10 failed password attempts. If you want to be on the safer side of the stream, it would be wise to keep this feature enabled . See app for iPhone → Password Delete data.

 Clear automatic data in Apple Watch

Emergency SOS

] Aside from being a first class smartwatch, Apple Watch can also act as a life-saving feature. So, if you ever find yourself in an emergency where there is no one to help you, just press and hold the side button to call emergency services.

 Emergency Situation in Apple Watch

] Alert Privacy

Will You Never Disclose Your Personal Alerts? You can choose to protect your notifications by adding an additional layer of the shield to them.

watchOS comes with a feature called "Notification of Privacy." Once enabled, it lets you hide the details of the notification. And you have to tap it to see the details. View app for iPhone → My Watch Fan Notice Privacy Notice.

 Apple Watch Notification Settings

It's pretty much!

Over to you:

I'm sure these tips can help you improve your user experience and even happen with important data. Do anyone know such cool security features? Tell us about them.

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