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Top 5 Spy Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

There are many reasons why the need for spyware cameras increases during this period. Everyone has different situations in life when a person surely needs a spy camera app, so you need to know about the best spy camera apps for iPhone and Android that you can use when you need it, without worry.

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5 best iPhone spy camera applications

Spy Camera applications can help you in many ways and give you the desired goals and results in a properly manageable way. You can use different spyware to know about someone and create secret future records in the form of videos and pictures. In the following, you will be introduced to various amazing apps that provide the best spyware features in the iPhone.

. SP Camera – Capture Without Any Notices

It is a best known app that you can use for spy purposes. You can use it to take pictures or videos of anyone without the possibility of knowing it. It works in a great way that no one can understand that you are making a video of anyone.

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You need to enable "Spy mode" to start creating videos, and it opens a web browser and sees you surfing on any site, but you take the video in real life. In addition, it can completely blacken the screen during video recording operations, which does not indicate that you are making the video of anyone. You can get this app for $ 9.99 from the App Store.

Download SP camera for iOS

2. Fast Camera Recorder – Background Camera App for Android

There is another app that is known for its silent pictures that take features. You can use it to create images without producing sound. With this app you can schedule a video recording at a specific time, it supports the front and rear camera and has a full HD video recording.

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It also provides password lock capabilities and recovery mode options that can help you under many conditions to store your photos and restore them if deleted. So, you have to use this hidden camera app to shoot many pictures of someone in secret.

Get Quick Camera for Android

3. Alfred Security Camera

One of the most downloaded spy camera apps is Alfred Security Camera. Whit this app lets you stream live video wherever you are and the motion sensor keeps you awake if something strange happens in your home.

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If you have a new smartphone and you don't know what to do with the old one, don't throw it away. With Alfred, your old iDevice can have a fruitful second life and serve a new purpose. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

Download Alfred for iOS Download Alfred for Android

4. Easy Calc – Secret Camera Eye

There are also few other apps, but the Easy Calc app is the right choice when you want to record videos and pictures anywhere and anytime. Easy Calc is the most advanced Foscam and IP camera viewer in the store supporting hundreds of other IP cameras.

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This app has background sound and motion detection and gives you exactly needed results as well. So, you should try this app and get better quality spy output and all this for just $ 2.99.

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5. Presence: Video Security

It's great app when making spy camera videos. You can take advantage of various features of this video device. With this app you can watch your home base in real time, and it can send you alerts when there is something suspicious.

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Now, you don't have to throw the old smartphones, you can use it as a baby monitor, babysitter camera, pet camera, surveillance camera or do-it-yourself security system and everything Thanks to the Presence app, this app is compatible with iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2 and later and iPod Touch 4G and 5G.

Get Presence for iOS Get Presence for Android

There's a myriad of spyware camera apps for iOS and Android, and choosing the right one can be a challenge for many users. For that purpose we gave you a list of the best spy camera apps for iPhone and Android.

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