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Top 8 best Apple TV apps you should try right now

When Apple released Apple TV, Tim Cook said that the future of TV's apps. Well, we could not agree with that, but the truth is that the App Store only has too many trash programs available. We assume that you have already deleted many of them, just because you rarely use them! So if you're the one to install best apple tv apps on your TV, look for them. Fortunately, today we will do this much easier for you. In the sections below we have reviewed some of the best programs you can install on Apple TV. Let's check them out!

CARROT Weather (Apple TV only)

If you travel a lot or you are only interested in how the weather is going to be today or tomorrow, you must get the CARROT weather forecast. What's good about it is that you can use it to save more places. Even better, it also has some pretty great animations that you will probably like. Whatever you do, just make sure you do not cheat your ocular sensor!

Wikify (universal)

 Wikify (universal) We are all aware of Wikipedia, and we have certainly used it more than we think. But having Wikipedia on your TV might seem a bit odd at first. However, Wikify is more like a travel company. The way it works is that if you travel somewhere, you can use it to zoom on the spot. As you zoom, you will notice that many red pins will begin to come up. Each of these pins actually represents interesting places that you may want to visit. Although this kind of functionality may sound as if it fits better on a phone, we can not deny its usability.

TVPlayer (universal)

If you have an Apple TV, there is a chance that it is connected to an actual TV that can play live broadcasts. If that's not the case, do not worry about it. By using TVPlayer, you can access many TV channels right away. If you want, you can also pay extra and access many private channels as well. According to users, this is by far the most interesting apps for apple tv, so be sure to give it a shot!

TV Card (Universal)

Many people can scoff the idea of ​​using maps on their TV. It's because it's unrealistic that while you're traveling, you have Apple TV with you in your car, trying to zoom up on the highway to find the next gas station. However, you can view this app differently. You can use it to explore. TV Maps gives you a three-dimensional view of popular landmarks. If you want, you can also receive directions you can send to your mobile device through the TV Maps app. How big is it?

Streaks Workout

For those who want to get fit and never mind doing anything, Streaks Workout can be the answer they're looking for. With this app, you only need a little desire to get in shape, a floor and Apple TV. When it comes to exercise, you can choose the exercises you want to do and how long you will work out. With Streak's Workout, you can track your training and see how much fat you burn. Thanks to this great app, you can set weight loss goals and lose fat without having to go to the gym. Just try to convince yourself how useful it really is!

Speedtest by Ookla (universal)

 best apple tv apps 2016 We've all used a speed-testing tool or website at least once, but did you know they're generally inaccurate? Therefore, if you have trouble knitting your favorite content on Apple TV, you may want to use Ookla to test your broadband speed. Based on its reviews, Ookla is one of the best apple tv apps 2016 and you should definitely install it on your TV. Now when it comes to the internet speed test, it takes about a minute. When it's over, you know everything about the download and upload speed.

Solar Walk 2 (universal)

Have you ever wanted to explore the solar system? If the answer is yes, then we have good news for you! With Solar Walk 2 you can easily do it! This app is available on Apple TV, and it's just amazing. You can use it to explore the moon, planets in our solar system and also the moon. There are also infographics that tell you a lot about the earth and the rest of the planets in the solar system. Pretty interesting things for sure!

Plane Finder

If you are a wheelchair plan, Plane Finder may very well be an indispensable app for you. By using it, you can see almost living maps of planes that create through the sky. You can also search for specific flights, filter by company, and even zoom to track specific flights. On the other hand, if you like something more conventional, you might want to try FlightBoard.

If you're looking for best apps for Apple TV, you've got them now. Check them out and see how much you like them, but do not forget to let us know in the comments below!

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