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TopPicks for Safari 1.0 – Adds top and most used bookmarks as visual tiles.

Top choice for Safari adds a way to quickly access your best and most used bookmarks as visual tiles with website previews such as Wall on demand shortcuts.

TopPicks for Safari is not another app that you have to keep open and swap to access your bookmarks, it is a Safari extension that includes tune into Safari itself and wait for your request for it, it opens Picker right from Safari and right there If you want, you do not have to leave your browser to another application, stay focused.

If you’ve ever used Safari since Safari 4 and before Safari 14, you probably know about the TopSites feature, which was removed in Safari 14, TopPicks for Safari is trying to replace this by adding some of these features back, with some features which was missing.

You can define 1

2 bookmarks in TopPicks Picker, these “Tiles” are persistently in place and position, so there is no drag around to rearrange, nor can you add more than 12 at this time.

But TopPicks will update the Preview thumbnail every time you visit a bookmark, you can even adjust and fine-tune the moment of this event to prevent blank areas, incorrect images or a damn login page instead of the site you wanted as a thumbnail (e.g. YouTube or Amazon Prime)

TopPicks for Safari is more efficient when it comes to space on your hard drive, it only takes up the space it needs for the thumbnails instead of storing dozens of versions for a website thumbnail you’ll probably never see again.

Version 1.0:

  • First release

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