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Topplekker says that the iPhone 13 may have the revolutionary new feature we have been waiting for – BGR

  • The first smartphone with a selfie camera under the screen has already launched, but it is not an iPhone or an exclusive Android handset you can buy right now.
  • A leak says that both Apple and Samsung are working with phone technology under the camera, and he even suggested that next year’s iPhone may include this long-awaited screen innovation.
  • It is too early to say whether the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 will actually get under-display cameras.

The perfect smartphone design is officially here, but you can not have it. And it does not matter if the compromise is worth it. I’m talking about full-screen phones with under-display cameras, and especially about the new ZTE Axon 20 5G that was recently launched. The phone was unveiled just a few days ago and is the first commercially available handset with a selfie camera placed under a working area of ​​the screen. But it does not matter when the handset will be available outside China. There is also no question about whether the selfie camera can deliver the performance of a high quality camera that Apple and Samsung use. The first prototypes under the camera were unveiled by Oppo and Xiaomi last year, two other popular smartphone makers from China. The main problem with these devices is the quality of the selfie camera.

All other companies in the industry are working on kinks with the new display technology, including major players such as Apple and Samsung. There is no big surprise there. Apple has been working on the perfect iPhone design for many years, and the notch represents the latest remaining compromise. Samsung has a similar compromise for ironing out with the hole camera at the top of the screen. And it so happens that Samsung Display is a major supplier of OLED screens for both iPhone and flagship Galaxy S and Note handsets. With all this in mind, it̵

7;s not surprising to see a long-running Samsung leaker tweet that the first iPhones and Galaxy S phones with cameras under the screen may arrive as early as next year.

In a couple of tweets on Friday, Samsung insides Isunivers suggested that both Apple and Samsung are developing technology under the camera.

The leaker said that Samsung’s technology is superior to competitors’ solutions, and that Samsung has stricter requirements for cameras under the screen than other brands. The leak also seemed to indicate that the Galaxy S21 may have a camera under the screen, provided that Samsung Display can deliver.

There is no question whether the S21 will really get a camera under the screen, and we will have to wait a few more months for more significant Galaxy S21 leaks. Samsung’s plans are not always fulfilled when it comes to new technology, and there is no reason to rush the technology to market if it is not ready. No one wants bad selfies, and the Infinity-O designs look great as they are.

This will be even harder for Apple to pull out. It is one thing to replace the hole camera with one that sits under the screen. But Apple has a number of sensors next to the selfie camera that are needed for 3D face detection. It is unclear whether Apple can place all the components under the screen without obstructing Face ID functionality.

Ice said Apple is working hard “to overcome the camera under the screen and the collapsible technology,” adding that the notch may disappear next year. The same leak said on Chinese social media that Apple has already ordered folding screens from Samsung Display, an indication that Apple is actively pursuing folding iPhone designs. While the leaker has a good overview of revealing industry secrets, especially Samsung-related, there is nothing to say when the first iPhone and Galaxy models with a camera under the screen will start. It is unlikely that the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 will come with such screen innovations if selfie quality is affected.

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