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Totallee launches MagSafe-compatible thin clear cover for new iPhone 12 / Mini and iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max

If you have pre-ordered or are planning to order one of the new iPhones, you are probably thinking of protecting it to keep it looking like new. At the same time, you will not cover up the shiny new phone with a big case. Totallee just launched the perfect solution for anyone interested in protecting the device while retaining the original aesthetics of the brand new iPhone.

The company’s flexible, clear bags are made of a shock-absorbing TPU and provide an extra layer of protection without adding any bulk. The best part? They are almost invisible.

Totallee has been making iPhone cases since 2013, and is known for its super-thin, minimalist design. The covers are completely brand-free and do not take away from the look of the iPhone. Because they are so super thin, they also work with MagSafe without changes.

Protect your phone and show it off

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With totallee’s clear case, you do not have to choose between hiding your new iPhone behind a lumpy cover or risking damage by going without a case. It is known that other clear cases turn yellow quickly, but not this one. This case is made with a premium TPU that offers some of the best non-yellowing properties on the market. They will remain clear and transparent, so you can enjoy the beautiful design of the iPhone.

Totallee’s case provides the perfect balance between being pocket – friendly without having to sacrifice protection. In fact, this case has several protective functions.

First, the high-quality TPU is tough, but also impressively elastic and soft. It can absorb the effect of any drop in waist height. In addition, the cases have a raised lip around the rear-facing camera module, and protect it when you put down the phone. There is also a small lip that extends beyond the screen, just enough to protect it when placed face down. Finally, the rubbery surface gives an attic with extra grip, so the iPhone holds well in the hand, so you avoid falls in the first place.

Get the most out of your iPhone

After ordering a new iPhone, it should be the first on everyone’s to-do list to get a high quality phone case, like the ones offered by totallee. However, there are many other accessories that can help you get the most out of your new iPhone 12, and totallee has them in stock, ready to ship.

If you have ever experienced the anguish of a broken screen or do not want to go through that experience, we recommend that you connect the clear totallee case with one of the company’s screen protectors from edge to edge. These seamless screen protectors cover the entire front of the screen and look like the original iPhone screen once applied – you will not even be able to tell that you are wearing a screen protector, it is so seamless. Even with Apple’s enhanced monitors, spending $ 29 on a quality screen protector is the best way to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Other accessories that are worth highlighting are totallees wireless charging plate and wireless car charger. Both are fast charging and look super smooth and minimal. If you need a new wireless charger, you can not go wrong with these options. They are both available for $ 59.

In short, the first thing we recommend to do after ordering a new iPhone is to protect it with a case. If you like to show off your new phone and want a case that provides protection without sacrificing the form factor, totallee’s clear case is the way to go. Total cover costs $ 35 and is available for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and a number of older models. We recommend connecting it to a totallee edge-to-edge screen protector that costs $ 29. By getting both, you also qualify for free shipping. Each product is delivered within 1 working day and includes a two-year warranty. 1% of every purchase will be donated to charities working on the front lines to help end the homelessness crisis.

You can also find a limited number of totallee cases on Amazon.

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