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Track your time on Mac, iPhone, or iPad

  Tyme for Mac If time is money and it is usually, it is important to track your time. especially more if you track time and tasks and get paid for the time you work, but even if all you want to do is see where the day goes.

The methods used to track tasks and time are many and varied; some cheap, some not so much, but these days some traces of apps may need a handful of basics; Task timing, iCloud sharing and an iPhone app. Here's a quick look at a Mac and iPhone app that does it, do well, and do more.

Tyme Is Money

We live in a mobile world, and still one of my requirements to install a Mac app is that it is a companion version for the iPhone or iPad. This requirement is mandatory for time and task tracking because not everyone carries a Mac anywhere they go. Tyme also goes on the iPhone and drops back to the Mac.

It's Tyme for Mac, and Tyme for iOS (which is about a third of the price of the Mac version). Projects and hours of work on a task can be synchronized between devices using iCloud.

 Tyme for Mac

Tyme for the Mac interface is neat and intuitive and maybe a little over the top with color. A list of tasks can be displayed by clicking on the menu bar. Global keyboard shortcuts also allow you to stop and start task timing from the keyboard.

All timings can also be adjusted manually (sometimes I forget to click Start, sometimes Stop, but I suspect that is the case with every time tracking the app, more of a human condition than an app problem). While working on a task, the Mac's menu bar shows the runtime and overall, but I'd rather have a floating timer I could move around on the screen.

 Tyme for Mac

What is most notable about Tyme is the ease of use. The interface is not messy with alternatives. It allows you to set up projects and tasks, and time each other; Individual tasks and total time – making it perfect for easy billing. Other options include the ability to route times automatically (as in the nearest 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or whatever you prefer). Projects and tasks can be tagged and filtered for each search. Data can be exported as PDF, HTML or all important CSV file.

 Tyme for Mac

There's a lot to like, but frankly I prefer the iPhone and iPad version which also comes with a Today widget in the Notification Center. If some features of the iPhone version are missing in the Mac version, I haven't found them. Projects can be archived, and Tyme keeps complete statistics on your work, including an option to budget for a project.

 Tyme for iOS

There are times when I'm too impressed with features vs. price. In the case of Tyme for Mac and Tyme Mobile for the iPhone, they are priced roughly relative to the competition. If you have never spent a task hours before, one would be a good start, not demanding much investment, and both have an acceptable learning curve.

Wait. One more thing.

Tyme for iPhone comes with a Watch app and I would be referring if I didn't tell you how cool this is. The only thing that would do better is a couple of useful options. One, set the timer to start as a watch complication. Two, attach it to Siri, so I could tell Tyme to start taking a specific project.

 Tyme for iOS


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