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travel “bedside charger” for Apple Watch: AppleWatch

so I have one of these:

(also, psa, do not get one of these).

  • it is cheap (“thin” plastic.)

  • too “light” (I want it at the light end to travel, but a little more weight, so it stays where it should).

  • the angle (80 °) is too close to vertical¹

  • I have no idea what the dial on the back does

  • it does not fold (I’m not sure it must make me happy), but this makes it take up more space than it normally would

  • I like that it is completely black.

  • I like that I do not need an Apple Watch cord, but instead it will charge with a micro-USB.

¹ – I really like the angle of the watch stand on the mophie 3-in-1, but it also seems like it would turn into transit, plus it’s not very portable.

my google chops are not what they usually are on this one – can anyone point me in the direction of something that will make me happy?

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