"The latest US broadside against Huawei that puts the Chinese firm on a blacklist for export threatens to rattle the global technology chain, tied closely to $ 105 billion by the world's largest telecom network provider," Reuters reports. . "The Trump administration has said it will add Huawei Technologies and 70 affiliates to its" Entity List "- a move that is likely to ban the company from acquiring US components and technology without government approval, and adding another fire element to trading ̵

1; The war between the US and China. The ban is not yet effective. "

"It would disturb Huawei's business at a minimum and everything, but put it out of business in an extreme, while its US suppliers would also be hit, [analysts] said," Reuters reports. "On the other hand, American companies like Apple face the risk of serious retaliation from China, a key market."

Huawei's business has come under pressure in the past year, in view of growing international control, led by US claims that the equipment can be used by Beijing for espionage, a concern the company has said is unfounded, "Reuters reports." orders not specifically mentioned any country or company, US officials have previously labeled Huawei as a threat. & # 39; & # 39; The United States already seems to have decided to push Huawei down, the source of the Chinese-based US technology company said. The problem is that because it does not appear to be a prospect for a trade deal in the near future, the US has accelerated the process of killing Huawei.

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