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TuneTrack – Jayaram Nambiar

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Jayaram Nambiar

Genre: Music

Release Date: August 9, 2020

What if you could see your music stats anywhere, anytime? We present TuneTrack, the first program that allows you to do it for multiple music services.

Gone are the days where you have to wait impatiently until the end of the year to see which artists and songs you listened to the most. With TuneTrack you can get this data on request at any time by clicking a button! TuneTrack gives you access to statistics such as top songs and top artists with many ways to filter, such as time period and release date, with support for some of the most popular music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Last.fm. TuneTrack comes with a number of additional features, including but not limited to:

• Advanced filtering: Spotify and Last.fm statistics come with filters such as time period and artists / tracks / albums, so you can get accurate data for all media at any time! Apple Music statistics have even more precise filtering, with filters like Date added to library, Last played, and more.

• One-touch playlists: At the touch of a button, you can create a playlist of your best tracks and share it with friends.

• Share data: Want to share your best tracks or artists, but do not want to create a playlist? Fear not, as TuneTrack has a share button that lets you export top artists, tracks or albums in text format!

• Now playing widgets: TuneTrack comes with support for the latest iOS features, including widgets! You can choose from beautiful widgets for Spotify and the Music app to view the song you are currently playing.

• Customization: TuneTrack comes built-in with configurable themes and app icons, so you can really customize the app to your liking.

• TuneTrack Premium: TuneTrack also comes with a premium feature, which gives you access to extra benefits such as Top 1

00 instead of Top 50 for Spotify, extra themes / icons for the app and much more!

What are you waiting for? Download TuneTrack today and learn more about your music habits than you have ever done before!

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