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Turn iPhone into a universal remote control with this smart lightning-based Mini IR blaster

Do you remember when the smartphones came with built-in IR blasters – something that still comes in Samsung’s Galaxy S series? If you do, you will definitely know that they are really useful in a variety of situations.

Yes, it’s about controlling a lot of things like receiver boxes, TVs and everything else that has an IR receiver in it. Unfortunately, most smartphones turned off IR blasters in their devices. But if you have an iPhone in your possession and you want to change it, it is very possible.

Turn iPhone into a universal remote control

At the moment, you can buy a smart mini IR blaster here, and it connects to the iPhone via the quick connector on the device. Once connected, this little blaster will give you the control you need over all sorts of things right from your smartphone.

What’s even better is that the IR blaster is lightning port enabled, which means it can talk to your apps, which is not possible with the not-so-exciting 3.5mm headphone jack. And you know better that the latest of Apple’s iPhones does not come with a headphone jack anyway.

Turn your iPhone into a universal remote control 1

“This is not just any ordinary and stupid 3.5mm headphone jack based IR blaster for iPhone. This mini IR blaster is instead smart, as it is lightning port-based and app-enabled, which makes it compatible not only with the latest generation iPhone models such as iPhone 7, 8, X, XS and 11, but also allows full customization and control of devices thanks to the included app it works with. ”

“It makes your iPhone a universal remote control for all IR-based devices!”

If everything does not sound cool enough, you can also attach the whole thing to the keychain to ensure that it never gets lost. That sounds cool, does it?

So if you are convinced that this is something you need, and you really should, you can buy a product right away with a 10% discount with the SMARTIR10 promotion. So, what are you waiting for then? Take the plunge and sweeten the deal!

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