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Two weird ways your iPhone or Mac can be hacked

For the majority of users, the security offered by iOS and macOS is more than enough, and they can work with their day-to-day business in the knowledge that their data is safe.

But a determined criminal can find a way around these security measures, and while these two notches are impractical for widespread use, they show how creative ne-do-wells can be when it comes to cracking security measures.

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First, let's look at how a cable can be used to hack a Mac. Go into the O.MG cable. This is an Apple Lightning charging cable with a twist. This twist is that it is custom modified with electronics that allows it to be used to access any Mac it is connected to over a Wi-Fi network.

"Finally, I managed to make 1

00 percent of the implant in my kitchen and then integrate it into a cable. And these prototypes at DEF CON were basically done the same way," MG, told the cable that created Vice .

The cables for $ 200 each.

The O.MG cable also has a remote switch as a way to hide its existence.

How do you prevent these kinds of hacks? Use your own cable (customize it in a way that is unique to you so it cannot be replaced), and do not connect charging cables to computers.

When it comes to hacking to an iPhone, security researchers at the Las Vegas Black Hat hacker convention have managed to bypass the iPhone's Face ID authentication system in 120 seconds.

Sounds scary, right? But in reality, this hack requires the victim to be a very heavy sleeper (or be unconscious) because the hacking relies on the hacker to place a pair of custom glasses on the victim's face to trick the iPhone's Face ID system into Thinking the user is awake and deliberately unlocking his iPhone.

How concerned are you with these types of targeted attacks?

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