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Uber will now ban riders for bad reviews

If you regularly use Uber and want to continue doing so, you need to start behaving better. This is because Uber has announced that it will begin to ban riders who maintain a poor rating. That prevents you from using Uber the next time you need a trip.

Uber asks for security and respect for all

In a post on Uber Newsroom, Uber has announced a new effort to ensure "security and respect for all". This essentially means that Uber refreshes its community guidelines, and insists everyone confirms that they have read and understood the rules.

In addition to educating people about the behavior expected from people using the service, Uber also introduces Ratings-Based Rider Disabling, which, as the name suggests, introduces the possibility that riders are disabled for low rankings.

Drivers and Riders have both assigned ratings, with rider rating drivers and vice versa. Drivers have always had the risk of being disabled due to low rankings. However, riders have not really met any penalties to maintain a low rating until now.

Ratings -Based Rider Deactivations

Uber states that "Riders can lose access to Uber if they develop a significantly below average rating." They also expect only a small number of riders who are eventually affected by Ratings-based disabling "but maintenance" it is the right thing to do. "

Riders are not suddenly banned. Instead, they will "get tips on how to improve their ratings" and "will have more opportunities to improve their rating before they lose access to the Uber apps." Not that anyone should need tips on how to behave in cars

Uber reveals the rules that all riders need to know

Uber reveals the rules all riders need to know

Uber has revealed the rules that all riders need to know. And, like breaking some of these rules, you can look banned from using Uber again, ordinary Uber riders should probably notice.
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What not to be done to be banned from Uber

There are various reasons why you get a low rating of your Uber driver. These include being rude or insulting, leaving garbage in the car, being so full of vomit, and asking drivers to exceed the speed limit. It's all things people know to avoid doing.

Provided you regularly use Uber to get around, there is a brief guide to Uber's driving types and options, and here's how to find out how much you spent on Uber last year. Even better, if you use Uber Black, you can now ask your Uber driver to be silent

You can now ask your uber driver to be silent

You can now ask your Uber driver to stay calm

Uber rolls out a new set of features for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders. One of them is a quiet mode for drivers.
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