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UI and IOS development

I have an app I have planned for a while, right now I have finally found all parts of the app and know all the features it needs. I'm still learning very basic about fast, so I'm looking for some or a few people who are interested in working on the app with me or even making the user interface for the app. I'm willing to pay for the mock ups for the user interface, so if you are interested in it, let me know. Regarding the coding and all I can't pay anyone for it, unfortunately I hoped to find a few people starting out just like me and looking for a cool project to practice and learn from, the more we could get better then it makes it easier to get someone to work on every part of the app. I am also looking to put this app in the App Store and grow it, and the person working in the team will own part of the app when we all work together on it. As I know many people laugh at when reading this, but I think is an app that will help many people out. Sign me up if you are interested in working on this and maybe we can get a few people in a Facebook chat and design something great. 👍

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