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UK Lawmakers launches request for music streaming models

Legislators in the British government have launched a study into the music flow model and its impact on artists and labels.

Following pressure from the #BrokenRecord campaign, a committee of legislators will meet to investigate whether platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music are fairly evenly distributing their revenues, which amounted to more than 1 billion pounds ($ 1.29 billion) last year, explains Vergen. The committee has invited people working across the music industry to submit evidence before November 16.

The committee’s chair, Julian Knight, said that the success of streaming “can not be at the expense of talented and lesser-known artists. Algorithms can benefit platforms in maximizing revenue from streaming, but they are a dull tool to operate in. a creative industry, which particularly harms new artists.The committee will also consider whether the model in the future will “limit the range of artists and music that we can all enjoy today,” said Knight.

“The committee will also consider whether the government should implement measures to protect the industry against piracy in the wake of EU measures on copyright and intellectual property rights,” a statement from the UK Parliament added.

In addition to gathering the perspectives of industry experts, artists, record companies and the streaming platforms themselves, the committee also invites written submissions that address the following issues:

  • What are the dominant business models for platforms that offer music streaming as a service?
  • Have new features related to streaming platforms, such as algorithmic curation of music or the company’s playlists, affected consumer habits, tastes, etc.?
  • What are the financial consequences and the long-term implications of streaming on the music industry, including for artists, record companies, record companies, etc.?
  • How can the government protect the industry from bank effects, such as increased music piracy? Does the UK need an equivalent to the Copyright Directive?
  • Are there alternative business models? How can politics favor fairer business models?

Earlier this week, a YouGov study for the #BrokenRecord campaign concluded that 77 percent of audiences believed that artists were not paid enough for streaming, while 76 percent felt that songwriters were also underpaid.

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