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Unbox Therapy has removed the official Apple Mask

Unbox Therapy has dropped a video that is currently No. 1 on trend. In the video, Lew rejects the official Apple Mask, which is currently rolling out to Apple employees worldwide.

“The Apple engineers went to the drawing board to build a better mask. Apple actually designed a completely different mask that the employees in the store should wear. They actually have a couple of different versions.”

In true Apple fashion, the unboxing experience is like any other Apple product – detailed and very easy for the user.

“We have what looks like a serial number, definitely an item number, lot number and production date. So, just like everything else Apple, incredibly detailed stuff over here and an unboxing experience as opposed to what you would expect for a reusable face mask. Even on the back ̵

1; Designed by Apple in California, mounted in China. “

The mask includes an adapter that allows someone to loop the mask around the head instead of behind the ears.

“The first thing we see is a small attachment, a small adapter that actually holds the mask to the back of the head.”

It seems that each employee receives a box with five stitches that for a full-time employee will last for about a month.

“Each of these boxes that an employee would receive would actually contain what appear to be five of these masks, and they are not a single use. Each mask can be used five times for up to eight hours each time.”

When it comes to fit, Lew says the mask felt very secure, a simple step up from surgical masks that many are looking at right now.

“It feels very safe. When it comes to breathing, I would say that it is quite comparable (with a surgical mask), but I definitely feel more sealed than a regular surgical mask.”

Apple Mask is currently only available to Apple employees, and it is currently unclear whether Apple plans to eventually make the mask available for purchase to the public. The company reportedly also has a clear variant of the mask that helps employees communicate with the deaf community.

You can check out Apple Mask unboxing below:

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