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Unclutter Unclutters A messy Mac screen

  Unclutter for Mac For those of us who use us for more Mac keyboard time than the average Mac user, the root is the name of the game. Screen rudder kills productivity.

During the day, we collect and store notes, files, links, photos, PDF files and more – and often they are all dumped on the Mac desktop with the idea of ​​cleaning up later – but will never come later . The screen root can be unclear with an app called Unclutter.

Declutter? Or, Unclutter?

A wide variety of Mac applications that claimed to organize my life have messed up my Mac just to be upset and deleted after a trial period. Most of the apps that organize files from a Mac user have rigid rules and a set methodology that must be followed for it to work.

Unclutter is a relatively inexpensive and elegant Mac app that does not impose on you laundry with rules for rules. or the cluttered stack of files and folders. Instead, Unclutter gives you a few basic ways to manage all those files and tags and links and files that cross your eyeballs throughout the day, but need a place to live.

Move your mouse or Mac pointer to the top of the screen and scroll back to reveal this drop-down box with clipboard, files, and notes. Easy peasy and 1

, 2, 3 easy.

 Unclutter for Mac

Click or tap the image to get a great view with more details.

There is a simple pop-up Notes section, available with a click. It is a Files section that captures and stores the files that come to the Mac desktop. Finally, there is a built-in clipboard manager that captures all text, URLs, sentences, paragraphs, and excerpts of everything you copy.

The three parts of Unclutter are combined to remove the computer's desktop without confusing you with a list of rules you need to learn.

Here is a close-up of each segment of the wood panel.

 Unclutter for Mac

Opening Unclutter couldn't be much easier either. Move the on-screen viewer to the top of the Mac screen and scroll down. Then just drag and drop files, snippets, URLs, photos or anything else into the Files or Notes section.

Items you cut or copy are stored in the Clipboard Manager. It makes Unclutter work as a digital pocket for storing objects that cross your eyeballs every day, combining a sweet and simple workflow that suits most Mac users, enhances productivity and gets out of the way while you're busy working with something else.

And like all good Mac tools, Unclutter comes with a free version before you buy.

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