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ungoogled-chromium 86.0.4240.80 – An Easy Approach to Eliminate Google’s Web Addiction Addiction.

Without signing in to a Google Account, Chromium does pretty well in terms of security and privacy. However, Chromium still has some reliance on Google’s web services and binaries. In addition, Google Chromium is designed to be simple and intuitive for users, which means they compromise on transparency and control of internal operations.

ungoogled-chromium addresses these issues in the following ways:

  • Remove all remaining background requests for all web services while building and running the browser
  • Remove any code specific to Google’s web services
  • Remove all use of predefined binaries from the source code, and replace them with user-provided options whenever possible.
  • Disable features that impede control and transparency, and add or change features that promote them (these changes will almost always require manual activation or activation).

These features are implemented as configuration flags, updates, and custom scripts


These are the core features introduced by ungoogled-chrome

  • Replace many web domains in the source code with non-existent options ending in qjz9zk (known as domain substitution; see docs / design.md for details)
  • Remove binaries from source (known as binary cropping; see docs / design.md for details)
  • Disable functionality specific to Google domains (e.g. Google Host Detector, Google URL Tracker, Google Cloud Messaging, Google Hotwording, etc.)
    • This includes disabling Safe Browsing. See FAQ for justification.
  • Add many new command line switches and chrome: // flag entries to configure disabled features by default. See docs / flags.md for the exhaustive list.
Improving features:

These are the non-essential features introduced by ungoogled chromium.

  • Use HTTPS by default when a URL form is not provided (eg Address bar, bookmarks, command line)
  • Add suggestions URL text fields in the search engine editor (chrome: // settings / searchEngines) to customize search engine suggestions.
  • Add more URL schemes that are allowed to save page forms.
  • Add Omnibox Search Provider “No Search”
    ; to allow search deactivation
  • Add a custom Chromium platform configuration and packaging. It currently supports many Linux distributions, macOS and Windows. (See docs / design.md for details on the system.)
  • Force all pop-ups to tabs
  • Disable automatic formatting of URLs in Omnibox (eg stripping http: //, hiding certain parameters)
  • Disable intranet forwarding detector (foreign DNS requests)
    • This breaks the detection of the capture portal, but capture portals still work.
  • (Change Iridium browser feature) Prevent URLs with the trk: form from connecting to the Internet
    • Also prevents top-level URLs qjz9zk (as used in domain substitution) from trying a connection
  • (Changing Iridium and Inox Features) Prevent IPv6 address ping when you detect the availability of IPv6. See the –set-ipv6-probe-false flag above to adjust the behavior instead.

Version 86.0.4240.80:

  • Release notes were not available when this entry was updated.
  • OS X 10.10 or later

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