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US customs authorities seize “fake” AirPods that are actually the OnePlus buttons

It is quite common for custom officials at the United States and other airports around the world to seize fake AirPods from time to time. Given the popularity of AirPods and other Apple accessories, this happens quite often and is a multi-billion dollar industry in itself. This time, however, in an embarrassing move, customs officers and border guards at JFK Airport proudly claim that they have seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods worth $ 398,000 from Hong Kong. The only problem? The seized devices are actually OnePlus Buds.

The “fake”

; AirPods were seized at an air freight facility at JFK Airport. The shipment came from Hong Kong and was to travel to Nevada. CBP officers proudly claim in their tweet that the seized items are not from Apple, and then go on to claim that OnePlus Buds is counterfeit by AirPods.

“CBP officers protect the American public from various dangers every day,” said Troy Miller, director of CBP’s field operations in New York. “The eavesdropping on these fake earplugs is a direct reflection of the vigilance and commitment to mission success of our CBP officers every day.”

Wireless earplugs from a number of Chinese companies look very much like Apple’s AirPods and OnePlus Buds are equally guilty of this. So it is understandable why CBP officials were confused. However, they should have confirmed the documents for the shipment and done a proper background check before proudly talking about the shipment. The packaging of the earbuds also clearly states that they are OnePlus Buds and not Apple AirPods, which further makes this error from the customs authorities more embarrassing.

Granted, OnePlus is not as well-known a brand in the United States as Apple, but it does not compensate for this error from the CBP officers. Perhaps this incident will cause companies to at least consider designing the earbuds in such a way that they actually stand out from the AirPods.

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