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USB-C to MagTech cable is now 70% off

We at iLounge have a special deal on PLUGiES MagTech: USB-C to the MagTech cable, which allows you to connect USB-C devices securely with just one hand!

Who knew that magnets could provide so much convenience in our daily lives? The USB-C cable from PLUGiES looks like any regular cable out there, except that it has a unique snap-and-charge head that provides space for one-handed and easy operation. You can connect safely and enjoy fast charging with a two-way cable.

You can be sure that the MagTech USB-C cable will last a long time, thanks to the anodized aluminum head material and the tough nylon braided cable that does not wear, bend or be damaged at difficult angles. In addition, it is six meters long which gives you more than enough slack for charging or data transfer.

PLUGiES MagTech USB-C for the MagTech cable normally costs $ 39, while we at iLounge give it away for only $ 1

1.99. You get a full 70% discount on our agreement!

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