"Last week, I sent a piece that grew the joy of Hackintosh, a concept that is very much an answer to the decline of Apple's good old days," writes Ernie Smith for Tedium. "But when I worked on the details of that piece, I had a not so secret hobby that took up my time."

"I was trying to find out if I could revive a real Apple Product ™ that had seen better days. My purchase of this product was a total impulse purchase: After reading on the Mac Mini G4 and remembering it was the first computer I ever owned that I hadn't bought, remodeled or used (but not my first Mac) I decided to relive those days by buying a new one, "writes Smith. "I gave myself some parameters, but: It had to be as cheap as possible, and if it was broken, I had to fix it. After some research and some careful bidding on eBay, I bought a damaged one ̵

1; for $ 10, plus shipping. And I got it to work. "

" Linux is an option, of course, a number of open source operating system flavors, especially Ubuntu, support the PowerPC platform, which has seen great use in a number of other sites, best known Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, maybe I'll do it at some point, but frankly, I just hope to relive my own past a little – in the form of a computer that was once the computer I needed to get through my day. Thanks to the internet's drumming, I can't do that, Smith says. "The Mac Mini G4 is not a sign of our past. It is a sign of our future – a future that does not allow the past to survive on its own terms. "

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, if that Mac mini was an Intel-based Mac mini, instead of 1st genes, the Power PC model from 2005, Smith would He would have had much better luck. He would be able to run a more modern operating system. It is the split between PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, which is a step too far.

[ UPDATE: 6:49 pm ET: Corrected take after "JC" below. Mac mini (Early 2009, Macmini3.1) can run OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and macOS Mojave via Mojave Patches.]