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User Management for Linux Mint

It’s no secret: Linux® Coins are trending right now for a reason. We’ll get to the benefits later, but suffice it to say that if you are not already a user, there is a good chance that you may one day consider trying this free operating system.

At JumpCloud, we love the value that this operating system delivers to end users. In many ways, we actually relate to Linux Mint. We’re about enabling customers to use technology that helps them succeed. And that’s exactly why we make sure our customers can use Linux Mint to make the work happen®.

User management for Linux Mint is critical for organizations using this operating system, and with JumpCloud it has never been easier.

Why is Linux Mint so popular?

Linux Mint̵

7;s success is largely due to the fact that it works right out of the box, with full multimedia support and is intuitive to use. It is also free and open source, making it flexible and budget friendly.

As many organizations want to cut costs and switch to open platforms, Linux Mint shines for these reasons. Compared to Windows® and Mac® machines, a Linux Mint system can be a fraction of the cost, yet just as powerful for users.

In addition, with most applications delivered from the cloud, end users can only use one browser to do their job. For teams where local applications and interfaces are not critical, Linux Mint is a great operating system.

It’s not hard to see why Linux Mint has been chosen by millions as a cheaper alternative to Windows and macOS® devices.

The challenge for IT administrators then becomes how to manage these systems in the same way as they do the other platforms, ideally from the same administration tools.

Why is user administration necessary?

User management is essential for organizations to keep information and users secure. The ability to scalably manage users without putting an impossible burden on the IT team provides greater flexibility in how an organization uses technology.

Simply put, increased management means dangerous technology or practice (Read more …)

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