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Using SVG graphics in pages and Keynote

So a popular format for graphics today is SVG. It stands for scalable vector graphics. SVG has been around for a while, and it is widely adopted online. All browsers can display SVG. They are very compact, great little files. They are basically vector graphics, so there can be many nice curves and lines and things like that without taking up much space in the form of file size. Easy to download. I've noticed recently that many clipart sites actually provide SVG graphics for you to download.

The thing is, you can't use the SVG inside of Pages. I have a file here, which is the logo for my WP Tips & Hacks website. It is an SVG graphic. Mac OS actually supports it pretty nicely. If I hit the spacebar to retrieve QuickLook, you can see it showing me the graphics and it actually expands to fill the space. You can see that I have nice curves and lines in there. That's something because if I get info about this you can see that it is 6K in size. It's a small file. So it's definitely just describing curves. There is no map in there.

But if I try to open this up in Pages, it won't work. So, here I am in Pages, and if I go and release it, it will tell me it's not supported. So it's a shame, especially if you have a collection of SCGs and you want to use them inside Pages as graphics. So how do you convert?

Well, you can go and check clicks and see what apps open this. Now of course I have Adobe Illustrator, a professional illustration app, and it opens SVG very well. But not everyone has it. Right. It costs a lot of money to have it. There are other programs that say they open it, but many times it doesn't work. As for example Acorn says it opens it, but actually I get what looks like this. There are broken graphics. So it is clearly not compatible with SVG altogether.

You might think in Preview. But Preview isn't even an option here. If I were to run Preview, it's in the Dock now, I can go and go and drop it. I can't even drag and drop it. I can't open it at all in Preview. So Preview doesn't even handle what is amazing because Preview seems to handle just about anything. So how to convert an SVG file so you can use it in Pages or Keynote without having to buy software like Adobe Illustrator.

Well, it is a bit tricky about it. Remember, I said this works very well online. All browsers really handle SVG's great and have for many years. So if I were to open it in Safari, it would open as a full-screen graphic because it is not embedded on any page. I just open it by myself. This is the SVG thing. So it opens it up to a very large size. So that's my graphics. Now, since I'm in Safari, I can export as a PDF. Or I can print and then save as a PDF. So I have to export it as a PDF to the desktop. I'll give it a name with dot PDF. I save it and now I close the Safari window here.

Here is the PDF file. I can also open this in QuickLook. Since it is a PDF document, I can double-click it and it opens in Preview. I don't like how it is centered anymore because it's safe to print it out as a page. So it has a lot of extra white space there. But it's OK. I'm going to go into Pages now, and I'll drag in the PDF file. You can see now, it's definitely creating a lot of extra space here. You can see the edge of the graphic. But it is SVG, converted to a PDF, using Safari. You can see it's fine in vector. You can see how nice it scales to any size I want.

One problem is that it is not transparent. So if I make a shape here it is in front of it. If I were to move it back, you can see that the rectangle here has white in it. But I can go to Format, Image, and then Instant Alpha. Then choose white as the background color. Now I have a good replacement there. So it's not perfect, and it depends on what you are wearing with the graphics in the graphics. You can simply make some transparency so you can get text around it and things like that.

How to get SVG graphics to Pages and Keynote without having to use any special software or purchase anything.

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