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Vainglory crosses platform on mobile, steam and Mac

Super Evil Megacorp made its promise to players announced today that Vainglory, the company's mobile-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title, is now a platform across mobile, Windows via Steam and Mac. [19659002] Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of San Mateo, California-based Super Evil Megacorp, said in an interview with GamesBeat in December of December that players in some versions of Vainglory – Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS – could play in same multiplayer game along with "competitive parity" in five-to-five games. The cross platform game is now possible.

The game is now playable cross platform with the launch of Vainglory 4.0. Players will be able to match and party with their friends if they play on the desktop or mobile. Built on the proprietary E.V.I.L. Vainglory is designed for the strategic depth and mechanical skills you can expect from a PC title, but can be played for free with friends anywhere on any device, from the highest Modify PCs to cheaper mobile devices.

"Super Evil Megacorp consists of AAA game veterans who believe that all players can play together in beautiful, responsive and deep experiences, depending on the original platform or control mechanism that is said, Victory Tray, in a statement." By insisting on gameplay parity over billions of cell phones, PCs, consoles, next-generation hybrid devices and more, we build on a vision where players can play and be competitive with anyone, anywhere. "

In addition to providing PC and Mac support via Steam, Vainglory 4.0, comes with a number of important updates to the game, including a new platform interface, a shift to 5v5 as the primary game mode, game client in the game, a new friend's hub, a New Hero San Feng, a brand new style of counter-focused game, and more.


"We have tested cross platform games over the past few months, and even included a PC vs Mobile show battle during the 2018 Vainglory Premier League World Invitational last year," said Q. Wang, game director for Vainglory and co-founder of Super Evil Megacorp, in a statement. "The mobile team won by a long margin, but this year we are looking forward to Steam players showing us what they have."

You can download Vainglory to PC or Mac from Steam at https: //store.steampowered. com / app / 1025580 / Vainglory /.

Since its inception in 2015, Super Evil Megacorp has tried to make Vainglory an esport by shooting for triple A status in terms of both graphics quality and speed. The game has been around for a while, and Super Evil Megacorp has been able to make a lot of money to maintain it, but it hasn't got a lot of audiences like Tencent's Arena of Valor.

The company has been able to make major changes – like welcoming spectators, go five to five and cross the platform – because the company owns its proprietary EVIL game engine. By adjusting the engine, Super Evil Megacorp can make major changes to the game and upgrade graphics, controls and other features.

The game can run at up to 120 frames per second, and it was originally made for tablets. In touch-based titles, the players continually mash a finger on the screen to continue attacking other players. It is a very simple control system. That's why Segerstrale thinks it's good on the PC.

It will be a great test to see if mobile players can stick to Vainglory's mouse and keyboard players.

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