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Valentine's Day card and wants the App Store Spotlight

It's Valentine's Day, which means users will search the App Store and Google Play Store for apps that can help them tell their loved ones how they feel. Since there are several apps including "Valentine's Day" in the names and descriptions, it takes the right App Store optimization to rank near the top of the search results. So for this week's App Store spotlight, we take a look at "Valentine's Day Cards and Wishes" by 123Greetings.com to see if the store algorithms love it.


At the Apple App Store, "Valentine's Day Cards and Wishes"
manages to rank high for several cards and Valentine's Day related terms. It is
the third highest app to search for "ecards" and "valentine" as well
the 4 th app for "Valentine's Day" and "free ecards". Its rankings
begins to reduce terms like "valentine app", where it is ranked # 1

2 and
"Love Card", where it is # 15. Although it offers animated gifs, its ranking
for gif-related terms is at the lower end, as it says # 68 for "gif maker."

Creatives : The
creative set for "Valentine's Day cards and wishes" is very pink and red, in
theme with the colors associated with the holiday. The first image contains one
Set of several cards that invoke romantic images, starting with their creative
sat on a strong foot.

The five images used are intended to show the user through
Process for selecting and sending a card. Each passes to the next one
shows the next step in the process, even if it does the pictures a bit

For example, one image includes call text that says:
"Choose the best card you want after seeing it," which is a bit
longer than recommended for callout text. The next picture shows
same screen only with a selected card, and the exclamation text just says: "It is
your Valentine's Day card! "The remaining pictures show all the same card, so see
does not show the range of cards the app has to offer.

There is room for extra pictures so the app can demonstrate
the variety of cards it has for different tones, relationships and so on. There
There is no mention of the gif options either, so anyone looking for gifs will not see what
The app is available.

While each picture has callout text, they are small, barely
noticeable text at the bottom of each image so they do not stand out. While
They are instructional, they are also a bit cumbersome. Coming back to that one
says "choose the best card you have chosen after seeing it", it can easily
be shortened to a lot of snappier "Choose your favorite card."

Title and subtitle :
The App's title, "Valentine's Day Cards and Wishes," takes up 30
characters Apple allows. Every word is an important keyword for the app, so that's it
utilize the title area nicely.

The subtitle, "Exclusive video and gif card", repeats
use of "cards" but still use key keywords. "Exclusive" forms something
phrases, such as "exclusive videos", as it ranks # 2 for, although most of it
The phrases it creates are not entirely relevant. It can be useful for the app
Find a more compelling keyword for the subtitle.

Description : The
The app's description can use a small formatting for better appeal to users. The
Introduction is a longer paragraph that can be divided into smaller lines
which is easier for users to read in an instant.

It includes a list of the different card categories, and
The constant use of concepts like "valentine" throughout it helps build relevance
for search advertising campaigns. But it follows the numbered list with a long one
text list, which is a changing shift for users.

The functions are listed in bullet points, which is good for
easy to read. Nevertheless, without category headings, they have all gathered together
into a single list; It can provide more information and get the point over
To the users better by creating category sections, listing things like "Valentine
Cards "and" GIF eCards. "

Google Play

On Google Play, the app has" Valentine's Day Cards and Wishes "
struggling to reach the search rankings it has on iOS. It's the sixth app
in search by own name, and 153 rd app for "Valentine's
Day. "It says on # 16 for" send cards "and # 24 for" holiday cards "while others
The other keywords it represents are less specific terms such as "e-cards" (# 47) and
"Photo Card" (# 122).

Ads : The
screenshots on Google Play are identical to those on iOS. While they contain
pictures with a strong connection to Valentine's Day, the little but long
callout text is less effective than short, but eye-catching text would be. The
photos still go to users through the process of selecting and sending a card,
But there is little variation on the cards shown and there is nothing
to view video or poison options.

Metadata and description: The app's description is also
identical to the iOS version. While lists it contains, it is important
card-based keywords, they are not used enough to help build their rankings for
them. For example, the 48 th app during search for "card to
he, "and the 99 th app for" love cards ", although they are both
listed as card options.

The description shows several other holidays, but that
include them in a single line, so Google's algorithm will not pick up on them as
potential keywords. While some lines begin with relevant terms, such as "send
short "or" interesting video card ", many more begin with sentences that are not
relevant to the app, which "enjoy the taste of each new event" as it ranks
# 21 too.

If it were to reformat the description to split the big one
feature list in smaller, bulleted, feature sets, it can improve it
readability and help its indexing for the keywords it wants to target.


Cupid's arrow may have beaten for "Valentine's Day Card
& Wishes "on the Apple App Store but it doesn't get the same love from
Google Play. This is another example where you use the same ads and
description across both store backfires – way algorithms
for the different stores means the tactic that works for one, maybe not
work on the other.

The app can potentially improve visibility and keyword
rankings if it were to reformat their descriptions and improve their advertising
Both stores keep the different ways they work in mind. If it wants to see
The same success on Google Play as it does on the Apple App Store, it must
Adjust the tactics for each – otherwise it's like trying to send the same
Valentine's Day card for two different people.

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