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Video Reviews: Microsoft’s new Dual Display Smartphone, Surface Duo, was sold today

On August 12, Apple released two reports on Microsoft and announced that pre-orders for the new Surface Duo smartphone started that day, and that the product would be sold in the US via Microsoft Store, Best Buy and AT&T on September 10.

I have been a fan of Microsoft’s dual display category which has now started with a dual screen smartphone this year and a dual tablet device debuting next year called the Surface Neo. As Marques Brownlee says, Microsoft is on its way to something here. The idea is correct, but they need more developers to set up their apps to take advantage of the Duo̵

7;s cool feature to place an app between the screens that triggers the app to expand to be on both screens.

Below is Marques Brownlee’s full review of the Microsoft Surface Duo. It’s brutal, no two ways about it. But that’s okay because I think most people expected the first generation of this concept to rank a D-. I think Microsoft wanted to get the ball rolling and get developers to storm their brains and come up with new types of apps and apps like Spotify and Facebook to come up with really unique apps that take advantage of the dual screens.

A new review presented below by The Verge is a little more hopeful for the device’s future as I am, but still honest when it says it’s not ready for prime time at $ 1400.

If you have the money to burn and just want to be a part of Microsoft’s crowd, then I think you can live with the Surface Duo as Microsoft calculates the many flaws expected in a first generation device. I expect Microsoft’s Surface Team to have a steady stream of updates this New Year. And let’s face it, it’s a hot device compared to the ugly and rather thick Samsung Z Fold2. With two screens, the Duo is much thinner and cooler than the other collapsible, end of story.

That said, I think Microsoft has a winner on its hands for professionals, those who sell and real multitaskers in general, but not to the same extent as the iPhone. This year, Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 will be the killer smartphone on the market.

While it’s unlikely that the Surface Duo will ever challenge the iPhone, I think they could build a strong niche to make it a lesser strength in the corporate space over time.

Just as the Surface Duo was sold today, a vague rumor emerged from a leak known as the “Ice Universe.” While it’s true that Apple actually has a large selection of foldable screen patents on record, that does not mean that all rumors about this new product category are valid. MacRumors delivered a clever graphic as illustrated below, but it is photoshopped and not part of the original reputation.

2 Ice Universe collapsible iPhone reputation

It is very difficult to take a rumor seriously when the link to the rumor goes to Weibo’s website without mentioning this rumor. How about a screenshot of the rumor … no?

Knowing that Apple’s CEO is not that big on experimental products, I would say that it’s too early for Apple to take this category too seriously. All folding pieces on the market today are in my opinion big losers, especially to USD 2000. Give me a break – ha!

At least Microsoft has a real product on the market today, and even with its first-generation foibles, the potential is much greater than other folders using a single screen.

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