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Walmart Canada confirms the launch of Apple Pay and Tap Payments in November

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Apple Pay in Canada, a major retailer is ready to jump on board with print payments and mobile wallets – Walmart Canada.

Walmart Canada stores do not accept print payments, but that will change soon. According to the dealer, it confirmed it iPhone in Canada reader @Shawzborne print payments come in November, in a response on Twitter.

“Hello. Print payment is on its way, and customers can expect to see it in stores in November,” Walmart Canada said Wednesday night.

Walmart Canada press payment

According to @Shawzborne, payment terminals in Walmart Canada stores have changed or are about to be converted to crane terminals. Below is a photo he shared of the new newspaper terminals, which are from Mississauga-based Ingenico. This was taken at Pickering Walmart in Ontario.

These are Lane / 7000 terminals that support EMV chip and PIN, EMV chip and sign, magstripe transactions, plus “the widest range of contactless NFC, mobile wallet and alternative payment methods,” explains the Ingenico website.

Walmart Canada withdrew from Apple Pay due to exchange fees, and the lack of crane payment support has long been a major pain point when shopping in stores. In the US, Walmart tried its own mobile payment option called Walmart Pay, to compete with Apple Pay.

The fast-track of print payments in Canada may have been assisted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as retailers try hard to reduce touch points in stores.

Earlier this summer, Walmart Canada announced plans to invest $ 3.5 billion to create ‘smart stores’, improve e-commerce and more. At the time, the company said customers could expect that “a new check-out experience would reduce touch points, including pay-to-pay, new larger self-check-out and” Check me out “mobile payment technology to allow affiliates to pay customers anywhere in store. “

Are you excited to use Apple Pay and hit payments in Walmart Canada stores soon?

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