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Washbasin Does not work on Apple Watch? Here’s how to fix it

The washbasin function is an example of how technology can help us with small things that make a huge difference. Using hand gestures and the sound of running tap water, the Apple Watch automatically detects when you wash your hands and starts a 20-second timer. Sometimes, however, the watchOS 7 Handwash Timer does not work properly. To help, let’s start with the basic solutions and finally get this issue resolved.

  1. Make sure that hand washing is activated
  2. Do not stop washing to check the timer
  3. Restart, or forced to restart Apple Watch
  4. Make sure the microphone is activated
  5. Turn in significant places
  6. Enter your home address in your contact card
  7. Remove any cover or protector
  8. Update to the latest software
  9. Unpair and repair your Apple Watch

. Make sure that hand washing is activated

By default, this convenient feature is disabled. Therefore, the first step is to make sure that hand washing is turned on.

Secondly, only the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and the latest Series 6 and SE running watchOS 7 have this option.

Note: Although Series 3 supports watchOS 7, it does not detect ambient sound, so the handwashing function (and Noise app) is not available. Many publications erroneously mention that Series 3 supports this.

2. Do not stop washing to check the timer

When you start washing your hands, the Apple Watch sensors read the hand gestures and the sound of running tap water. Soon, a 20-second handwashing clock will automatically appear on the screen.

You do not have to stop washing to check the timer. If you do, it will take a break and ask you to continue. So be sure to continue washing normally. After 20 seconds you will feel haptic feedback, sound (if you have turned these on), and also see a message on the screen.

3. Restart, or forced to restart Apple Watch

One of the fastest solutions to solve the handwashing problem is to restart the Apple Watch. Turning off and then turning on the portable device takes care of several temporary errors. If a simple reboot fails, continue with a hard reboot.

4. Make sure the microphone is activated

Hand washing uses the microphone to detect the sound of tap water. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the settings for this are perfect.

  1. Press Digital Crown and press Settings icon from the bubble of apps.
  2. Scroll down and press Privacy. Enter the screen time code, if prompted.
  3. Press Microphone.open settings tap privacy and then tap microphone on apple watch
  4. Make sure the switch for Goals sound Is on.turn on measurement sound to activate microphone on Apple Watch

5. Strike in significant places

  1. To open Settings app on iPhone and press Privacy.
  2. Press Location servicesSystem services.tap privacy and tap location services, then tap system services
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and press Significant places. On the next screen, make sure you switch to Significant places is on.turn on key locations in the settings on the iPhone

For the handheld reminder feature to work properly, you must have your home address listed on your contact card. After this, the Apple Watch can remind you to wash your hands when you get home.

  1. To open Contacts app and press My card from the top. You can also open the Phone app and tap the Contacts tab.
  2. Press Edit.open the Contacts app, tap my card, and then tap edit on iPhone
  3. Press add address. Fill in all the details and press Finished.add home address to contact card on iphone

7. Remove any cover or protector

Many people use a full cover or case to protect the expensive Apple Watch. Bags from reputable brands have the right cut-out for the speaker, microphone and sensor. However, if you use a completely covered cover that blocks the microphone, remove it.

Second, you can also consider cleaning the microphone with a soft, small brush or cloth. Be sure to be extremely careful.

8. Update to the latest software

For each watchOS update, Apple provides bug fixes and enhancements. For the best user experience, you need to have the latest version of watchOS on your Apple Watch. You can easily update right from the clock or follow the steps below.

  1. To open See app on the accompanying iPhone and make sure you are in ‘My watchfanen.
  2. Press the generalSoftware update.
  3. Press Download and install or Install now if you see it.tap generally in my watch tab and tap updated software, then tap download and install on iPhone

Note: If you are running the developer or public beta of watchOS, consider switching to the regular (non-beta) version.

9. Unpair and repair your Apple Watch

Finally, if nothing works, you can disconnect the Apple Watch and reconnect it. This will delete everything that is on duty. But when you disconnect using the Watch app, it automatically creates a backup. You can use it to recover and recover current data.

Logging off

These are some of the ways to get the washbasin working again on the Apple Watch. I hope the solutions above worked for you. Share your opinion in the comments section below.

People are usually in a hurry, and this convenient feature is just a joy to have. Although hand washing was made available during the pandemic, Apple’s chief technology officer Kevin Lynch told TechCrunch that this feature had been working for years!


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