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Waze tells you how much to pay with tolls on your route

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Be prepared for tax costs in the future.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre / Cult of Mac

Google's latest Waze update on IOS makes it easier for drivers to prepare for toll roads during the next journey. US and Canada users will now see exactly how much they have to pay on tolls on their route.

Waze is not the go-to mapping app for most people, but it is certainly one of the most useful. Not only will it give you directions, but also useful information on things like speed traps, traffic loads and more.

The latest trick helps you prepare for toll roads on your next journey.

Waze adds toll road Prices on iOS

Most map programs will tell you if there are toll roads during your journey. Some will also help you avoid them. But unlike the others, Waze now shows where the toll roads are and exactly how much they will cost you.

The new feature, like many Waze functions, is run by users. The Waze community provides tariffs and helps ensure it's always up to date. But it is worth remembering that the prices may be slightly different when you are going to pay.

The feature is only available in the US and Canada for now, and you should be able to use it from now on. It is likely to extend its reach to other countries later, but Waze is not yet telling us when it can happen.

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