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We present the Above Avalon Daily Podcast

Above Avalon Daily is designed as an additional feature that can be linked to an existing membership, making written daily updates available off-screen. Members now have the opportunity to consume the daily updates around the house, on a trip or in the car.


I am very much a believer in podcasts, as demonstrated with 172 episodes and counting of the Above Avalon podcast produced over the last six years. Not only does the podcast medium offer a different consumption experience compared to written content, but the two complement each other. Based on feedback over the years, many AboveAvalon.com readers also listen to the Above Avalon podcast and vice versa. My expectation is that this dynamic will now be found with written and audio versions of Above Avalon̵

7;s daily updates.

Some may want to first listen to Above Avalon Daily and then read the episode’s “transcript” via the corresponding written daily update. This is especially true for various financial topics covered in the updates. Others will first read the updates and then listen to the updates at a later time while driving, at the gym, or doing something that may restrict access to the screen.

Episode details

Above Avalon Daily, the episodes closely follow today’s written update. The episodes cover the following topics:

  • Apple’s business and strategy analysis.

  • My perspective and observations of current news and Apple competitors.

  • My financial estimates from Apple.

  • Full coverage of Apple revenue, product events and key tips.

It became clear early on when you created Above Avalon Daily that you can not just take the written daily updates and recite or dictate them word for word. There are too many quoted parts, numbers, exhibits, diagrams and data points. Consequently, each episode contains some curates, new transitions, and comments that help convert written daily updates into a pleasant audio format.

Two examples of examples can be found below:

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