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What Apple Watch, Airpods, iPad Do You Get? Or wait. : Apple watch

Big long Apple fan here. I'm trying to figure out if I should buy Apple Watch 4 right now.

If so, what will be the differences between Hermes, Nike and regular. Is it just the straps? Because I crave Hermes & # 39 ;, but I'm not sure if it's worth separating out 1k for it. I saw many Hermes straps on eBay, so if they can be swapped, I don't see the point.

Also wonder, are straps between all series and models interchangeable?

In addition, we will have the fifth generation anytime soon, I know there is nothing official but some rumors, speculations, gossip, leaks about it? If we get it next year, I might just keep waiting for it.

I'm currently on an iPhone 4s on iOS 8.4.1 and no PC (time to step it up, I know), and will be upgrading to the iPhone in 2019 when it launches (September 22, I heard), and recently bought the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. Looking to get AirPods too but I don't know if AirPods 3 will release anytime soon too.

Finally, regarding the iPad, are there really many reasons to get an iPad today? I think I can do everything on MacBook and new iPhone very comfortably, right? (Hpmf, I even do everything from photos, to social media, to homework, etc. in the 4th century). I really wouldn't be willing to post one of the newer iPads if really needed.

I researched and found that the 1st gen iPad is stuck on iOS 5.1.1 and has virtually no apps, I read the iPad 2 on 9.3.5 is pretty slow. Not really looking for an iPad mini since it will be about the same size as 2019's Max / Plus version. Which iPad should you get?

Thanks for your help and tips!

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