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What happened to the MacOS error?

  Mac Bug Yes, this is old news already. That's what we get with always on interwebs and a 24/7 cable TV news cycle. On Tuesday night I came home and found that my Mac had been hacked.

Well, not really hacked in the traditional sense. My wife used it. Same thing, amirite? She tried to fix a very critical security vulnerability in MacOS High Sierra. The problem was serious, yes, but only if someone had physical access to your Mac and knew the trick to access root. My wife had access, but not the trick or fix.

Gone In 60 Seconds

As it turned out, the solution to protect MacOS from the security error was a bit complicated for most Mac users, but it took me all about 90 seconds per minute. Mac to make the act and we breathed all a sigh of relief by knowing that some Apple engineers worked overtime for an official solution. By the next day, everything was right with the world, Apple had issued a proper error correction for the critical security error, and we could all go back to wonder who's next on the harassment list.

Was this critical vulnerability in MacOS? High Sierra real? Yes. Was it critical? Kinda sorta for the most part. But only if someone already had physical access to your wrong Mac. Has Apple made a fix on time? Yes. Was their huge public rebellion from nattering neighbor's negativity about how Apple has failed and why the company is still convicted? Yes. At any time Apple does something that does not meet with approval from members of the Technorati Elite Politburo, it's scream, Tim Cook's head is calling on a plate, and another notch is chopped into the bed of Apple's death.

Listen, this is math. The software is incorrect and will always have software bugs until the software shows how to write itself. It is the nature of the industry, and processes and methods are in place to prevent as many such mistakes as possible and to trace them down when they arise or are found. This itself is no different than security breach events, and it exists in all operating systems, windows, linux, android os, ios and flavors of unix and others like dot earth.

If you worry about upgrading to new OS versions, regardless of platform, wait for an update or two. However, when a serious error has been found, including the password problem in macOS, update as needed. If your Mac was in an office environment and apparently password-protected, that Mac could be in danger. Hi, caretakers can write, you know. For those of us with Macs in our possession, get the update from Apple as soon as you can, but do not lose sleep.

Too much of what we watch on interwebs and television news these days, this was a lot of ado about not much.

As for those who see it as further evidence of Apple's imminent death, add a spreadsheet to it. List all the mistakes in Mac and Windows, Android, and iOS over the last 20 years, and let's see the trend line. Otherwise, you move together. There is nothing to see here.

Except …

Aside from the solution, it appears to have a problem. Airdrop from Mac to Mac seems to work OK, but I expect to see some helpful ads from Apple sometime soon.

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